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  1. understand, thank you for your help
  2. My point is to make the character move faster 😀
  3. Engine Intersect hey, i have a question is it possible for the character to run? Is it possible to somehow change the default value of character movement?
  4. Roshi


    ok --- close the topic
  5. Roshi


    do not use / ok and are there any commands in the game ?
  6. Roshi


    I understand well When I create my first account will first administrator? I can run the admin panel but I can't use commands only invalid /command.
  7. such a small mistake OK thank you I just have a problem now because when I type /pink test msg I have a message /param and nothing more no news
  8. what version does it work on? because for me something is not working
  9. Version 1.0.0


    I clean what is unnecessary and I found something like that
  10. ahahah lol xD I have to click 2x thank you so much for a month for low poly map, and finally I wanted to do npc but I did not know how, and it was so simple thank you
  11. I apologize for English, but I translate from Polish Hello, I have a problem, how can I put selected npc monsters in the selected location, I try to set them but all over the map they are scattered I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I don't think I know what or how, as if someone could show pictures, I would be grateful. I thought it was the same as in RPGMAKER drag and drop ;D and next question how to make a character run
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