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  1. You can fully customize the character window by creating a new .png file for the ui and change the parameters of the CharacterWindow.json file located in the /gui/layout/game folder. It's a bit tedious to work around but play with it a little and you'll figure out the positioning and whatnot.
  2. Hey all! I've updated the discord link to a non-expirable one. Join our small but growing community here : https://discord.gg/FqyhnuJarT
  3. I reworked my game UI into a much cleaner look!
  4. No need for source changes. Go to Client and Editor -> Resources and there you'll find a client_strings.json file. This is a list of all the nomenclature used for windows, stats, chat notices, etc. You can edit this any way you like to rearrange what's written in your game. I suggest getting Notepad++ for those edits as it's less of a headache to know what's editable and what's not.
  5. Good morning to all of you, I spent some time to rework the current UI as it was very cluttery. I'm very satisfied with the result.
  7. I know we reached around 200 players online for Leafling at some point. Nightmare had a bit more than that on release if I recall correctly.
  8. Also you've learned that having a banging soundtrack is key
  9. DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FqyhnuJarT PRE-ALPHA PHASE I - May 1st 2023 Information Grande Azure Online is a free-to-play online RPG set in the world of Azuria. Explore the vast seamless overworld by yourself or with friends, forge friendships with the large cast of characters and become the strongest defender of Azuria. Story summary *Subject to change* A thousand moons ago, the continent of Cyan was the peaceful home to adventurers, merchants and humble workers. It stood tall as the most solid place to set camp to, both economically and politically wise. Among all the villages and cities, the Cyan's metropolis, Eingard was the pillar of said balance. A castle built on sacred grounds protected by the Chosen Gods, constructed to last forever. Though, in the wake of the Full Moon festival, the most celebrated holiday of Azuria, a devilish plot by a arch-mage named Gena caused a war that lasted a hundred years. Most of what was known of Azuria had to be reconstructed over the past centuries and a wind of peace finally came. Up to present day, there's been no disasters, but all is not won as the common enemy is still around. Features 6 unique classes 2 specializations per class Fully showable equipment Main storyline with cutscenes Reputation farming for horizontal progression Meaningful crafting with streamlined progression Tons of side quests Solo and grouped dungeons Challenging endgame content for 1 to 8 players Random world events for all levels Seasonal events for exclusive rewards Medias Original soundtrack made by yours truly. World map so far Some game screenies Game is still under heavy development. Progress is made every day and I’m nearing a phased pre-alpha testing. <3
  10. You have two options, wait for it to make it into the base engine or like JC said, modify your own source with the changes from the PR.
  11. You can do PvP against your friends in any map set to normal or arena type.
  12. You can set conditions for usage requirements in the item editor. You just need to create a condition list there and add the level requirement to be equal or greater than.
  13. Current world map after months of work. All the caves and dungeons are done! This is around 80% of the pre-alpha world.
  14. Reworked UI and alignment done for all game resolutions :3
  15. AkemiHikari

    Open Alpha DAGGA

    Game itself is nicely done, my major turn off was the text formatting. Sentences starting without caps, etc. It felt unappealing IMO. You did a nice job in reworking the TF assets by adding weapons to the enemies, full paperdoll is nicely done too. I think the UI lacks some polish, the login screen is alright, but in-game UI lacked textures (equipment menu for example). Good luck on the project, it seems you've worked a lot on it!
  16. I literally gave you the answer on how to do it.
  17. Working on over 200 paperdolls. Pretty easy to do, just a very lengthy process.
  18. First step would be to make a entity box graphics which would have the hotbar background in it. Align both the hotbarwindow.json and PlayerBox.json parent element in the Bottom, Left and play with edge distances. Note that it’s quite a hassle to do if you don’t know what you’re doing hehe.
  19. You should probably check logs in the client folder. It'll give you insight on what's happening when the client boots up.
  20. Today I did my first UI draft on this project. Pretty happy with how it turns out.
  21. Hiya everyone, I'm akemi, lead composer at Leafling Online and am looking to help some other games with their musical needs. I can work a wide array of genres, such as rock, edm, orchestral, etc. You can take a look at the Volume 1 of Leafling OST here : https://akemimusic.bandcamp.com/releases *Prices vary on length of clip and complexity.* If you're interested in working with me or would like to see more of my work, feel free to DM me in here.
  22. Hiya everyone, I'm akemi aka Wavy Sines aka SEE SOUNDS and I'm the co-founder and composer of Leafling Online. I'm looking for side-work and would love to add my touch to your game with my musical skills. I've composed over a hundred tracks in past year or so and am constantly writing new music. I created this Fiverr gig to help indie game creators get the music they want for less money. Link to the gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/zrAYvd *Also, if this post is in the wrong section, please tell me!* Have a nice one! -Sam
  23. Thank you so much! I've got plenty more. I like working with loopable 90 seconds format, but I should definitely make em longer.
  24. Hiya everyone, I recently did this colosseum track for the game I'm working on and I'd love some feedback on it. I'm looking forward to improving my skills. https://soundcloud.com/akemimusic/off-to-the-arena/s-vbRFCWC3a3i Stay safe!
  25. Not sure if this is what you're searching for, but you could make a full UI out of this. There's plenty of UI templates on OGA, as long as you credit them in your project. https://opengameart.org/content/golden-ui-bigger-than-ever-edition Hope you find what you're searching for!
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