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Intersect CMS Unleashed [2.4]


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IntersectCMS Rework Unleashed


Hi all !

I am currently working on an improved version of the CMS which has not been up to date for a while.


Features : 


- News (DB)
- Register (API + DB)
- Login (API + DB)
- Ranking (API)

- Players list (API) 
- Account Informations (API + DB)
- Shop (API + DB)
    - Quantity
    - History
    - Categories 
    - Discount
    - Item visibility
- Points system with history (DB)
- Account Points/Credit (currently working with https://dedipass.com/) (DB)
- Server status (API)
- Custom Pages (for game and wiki sections) (DB)
- Basic administration with Rich Text editor (TinyMCE)
    - News (DB)
    - Shop (API + DB)
    - Pages (DB)
    - CMS Settings (DB)
- Basic Translation  files (file) (currently only FR, EN and ES, langs)
- Multi-templates system



I have currently reworked a large chunk of the code, you can access the github  here and cms website here



Intersect CMS Unleashed Github page Intersect CMS Unleashed and Intersect Connect website Logo_Discord_2015.png



The guide :



Online Installation Tools

If u want another guide don't hesitate


System Requirements :

  • PHP 8.x
  • Mysql 5.7


Warning :

If your game is modified from source, check that the API is still functional, before installing the CMS.


The new CMS requires you to read the installation guide carefully.


Please share the production log in var / log / prod in case of bug!


Special thanks for :

Game The Walking 2D for first website to cms v2
@magehernan  for issues reports
Game Dragoon World for multiples bug fix in v2

Game The Celtos for bug fix v2.1 pre-release.

@Andical for bug fix in 2.1 launching day and spanish translation.
@Authentic for many bug report in 2.2 launch day

@HelenaToDev  and  @Andical for many bug reports during the development of 2.2


Thanks !

if I forget people tell me in private !!




Actual Version : 2.4

Intersect CMS Unleashed Website work with Intersect Connect :


- Web tool for help to install Intersect CMS Unleashed from Intersect Connect Developer panel.


List of games running with the Unleashed version:

















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2 minutes ago, Scaly said:

Can you show a preview of what it looks like?



It has no change in the theme (screen available on the basic version of the CMS) You can see a preview on the games list The biggest new features are a complete optimization of the CMS and the addition of new features. Soon an auction house will be available directly on the site and many other equally interesting novelties will come;)!

The game Dragon Ball Z : Shukuteki is primary version of Rework CMS (all feature come for public version after this).

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Hello everyone !

Today I come to present the progress of patch 1.1


  • Rework of the code that manages the menu animation on pc and mobile to no longer depend entirely on Jquery:¬†Done
  • A login page that will be displayed instead of a pop-up:¬†Done
  • A forgotten password system:¬†Done
  • Code rework for displaying overall leaderboard (caching) and leaderboard refreshed every hour:¬†Done
  • Added the ability to create a translation from the administration:¬†in progress
  • Addition of the site SEO description setting (to avoid step 11) and modification of the image from the administration:¬†in progress
  • Translation choose for user and not only the website : DONE

  • Optimization login system with web database : DONE

  • Update of news editor (Direct image upload) :DONE

Adaptation of full features (1.1)  from DBZS to CMS Rework : in progress

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Hi !


An update patch is available (fixed bug on registration)


Download link : https://github.com/Thomasfds/intersect-cms/releases/tag/BugFixe_1.1_one


Instruction: Replace the old file with this one

One file update yes, but it's necessary. Sorry it's bug it is an oversight on my part following the simplification of API calls

*********** News of patch 1.2 ***********



  • Bug fixes
  • Game Launcher connected to website for game news and more
  • Email modification on account page
  • Password modification on account page
  • History for credits and item shop¬†

Maybe more and if you have any ideas, don't hesitate;)

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2 hours ago, XFallSeane said:

*********** News of patch 1.2 ***********



  • Bug fixes
  • Game Launcher connected to website for game news and more
  • Email modification on account page
  • Password modification on account page
  • History for credits and item shop¬†

Maybe more and if you have any ideas, don't hesitate;)

These features will be public or are they functionalities that you have for your project?

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33 minutes ago, Blinkuz said:

What I find interesting is the game launcher connected to the news section, do you have an independent launcher?



Yes custom independent launcher connected so CMS API !
Download base game version (the client download all update not launcher),  read 4 last news from website.

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Hey everyone Little news about patch 1.2:


The history of purchases on the items shop and credits linked to it is finished.


I start changing passwords and e-mail address from the my account page.


For those who are in the launcher, it is progressing very well, a first version dedicated to Dragon Ball Z: Shukuteki should be released very soon.

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Hi everyone, 


Some news for the patch 1.2 :

I have finish the password change system. Now optimization of system.

I have also started the reorganization of some routes with differents controller and separed the router include in index.php to router.php for more ease

All first change is developped for DBZS and optimized for all thereafter

This update will be quite substantial for the reorganization of files. I would write installation documentation again to make updating as easy as possible! In particular, think about simplifying the additions to the database (translations in particular). I am thinking of a way to revise the translation system outside the database for even more convenience.

New translation system is ok !

Update 2 :
Password change, email change, translation system has been upload to DBZS website for two week tests.

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