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  1. Thank you for the information! Appreciate it!
  2. Im Learning more and more as I make small games with intersect engine. But I have come to a halt on some things that I would like to ask help with. If anyone can turn me in the correct direction would be awesome! I do know that some of this may need to be coded, so if that is the case just put "Needs to be coded" so I know I can pay someone to make it for me or try myself. 1) How do you reset/see/change a players password? 2) How do you reset a player "so they start off fresh" 3) Is there a way to remove an item from a player inventory/item slot if a player happens to get ahold of something I want to remove? 4) How do I add click movement besides W,A,S,D? so I click with the mouse and the character moves to that tile. 5) Is there a way to add turn based combat? Like "Runescape"? so player hits then monster hits, back and fourth. Thank you again!
  3. Thank you! i didnt know i can click on the add command! it all popped up! thank you so much!
  4. I cant figure our how to make a shop... Im new sorry. I Added an item to shop editor, now how do i get the shop on the map. say i click on an npc to open the shop/ Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi, Question, how can I delete a players account on the server. So they can start from scratch and use the same name? Also having an issue where the player will not spawn in the location i set after death. They spawn in a random area....
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