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  1. if you want to development on ubuntu you can't open editor on linux (additional info)
  2. Hello AGD, Can i use Intersect Character Generator's graphics on my Unity project? Kindly regards...
  3. you can download a sample project from : https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/downloads/ and your build .exe file copy to downloaded project...
  4. you should make a build and copy your .exe files to your project
  5. Nice news @Valentine i like VXA-OS but i want to %100 English version ^^
  6. Delete your character and create new one. Try to create new guild. i guess your first attemption did bug...
  7. Today i started 3D MMORPG Project and start creating my model style for my project
  8. Check your client path on editor
  9. yes you can edit interface what you want
  10. i got complete Faction/Nation System for Intersect if you interesting send pm
  11. Intersect.Client/Entities/Entities.cs Draw() function You should write your custom code...
  12. where is useless answer @AisenArvalis ? If you made another paperdolls, its do hide originals. Stop your fucking stupid answers to my posts.
  13. You can add after "Weapon Skin" and after "Skin" PaperdollOptions and EquipmentOptions. When you Equipped "Weapon Skin" you can change with "Weapon Skin" your "Weapon" paperdolls or"Skin" and you can add event when you Unequip your Weapon, Unequip your Weapon Skin maybe should be a way without source edit. I'm added "Premium Item I" and "Premium Item II" for that. Directly hide paperdoll is impossible i guess there is no option (You should write your Custom Code). I guess you should add your custom code to there:
  14. didn't height up sprite... only mount paperdoll integrated well...
  15. Good luck ! I was played on beta 4. its a good game... Wish all best things...
  16. ";" should be after mOptions i guess...
  17. I'm using only item system of intersect with paperdoll Graphics TimeFantasy
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