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  1. its so old can't working in v7
  2. Intersect Engine not RPG Maker bro codes are different
  3. weather is static for a map...
  4. Game Editor > Time Editor
  5. create a event item add skill point 1 when used
  6. do an upload to diffy.org your patch files and do change on Visual Studio on source
  7. you should add all modification codes they have bug fixes
  8. you should add code changes manually
  9. or use Intersect CMS for give an item to direct to player
  10. create a player variable (boolean) when that report a player with a Event set to true create a Event on map add conditional branch when do report set player variable to true create a Common Event with Command as name "givegift" and add conditional branch as player variable = true and change item on player control and when you write on chat "givegift" who is do a report with NPC you can give to item all of them who is do report
  11. yea what you want i can create
  12. if work use \pn (Player Name) chat command on item's title. can you give to me some information about what do you want to gift system?
  13. hi i can create pixel UI for 50$ if you interesting pm Sample (My game's UII)
  14. make a variable give that variable's value to who is player and create a common event add condition for player's variable value trigger "on login" its completed
  15. yea its possible with source edit
  16. need add use "Sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\Configuration\IsGranted;" too or get error in 2.1
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