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  1. make a basic attack hit animation set sound to animation... and set hit animation to your class...
  2. Today i did added new 10 Hotkey and GUI elements
  3. Yes easy to walk into. In Safe map i guess players can stack in 1 tile.
  4. Today i did my first village nearly complete...
  5. Today i started to create a village with my graphic set...
  6. i will add shades for volume rendering i guess looks better for volume rendering and top of big rocks i will horizontally ground for castle ground sample is there
  7. Today i started to create high detailed fantasy graphics
  8. Today i did Custom Sprite Animation and Animation for Arrow Shower skill in my game Embedded Video Link
  9. Today i did can't shoot whiled moving (source edit) and bow paperdolls for my game Embedded Video Link
  10. Today i created and added to my game Lava and cave tilesets and Bat monster
  11. Today i'm created and added fog and weather for my game ^^
  12. nice feature share with us in event systems
  13. Today i started fresh project with my last and new graphic set...
  14. thanks for informations Weylon i can prepare a offline counting system with events
  15. If you update this source modification for Beta 7 you can do it that with server console
  16. What happens to a player when their in a premium zone and their premium hours run out? You can add warp when end premium on events Can players trade premium items to players who have not paid for a membership? Your choice you can do tradable or non tradable of premium item How will player pay for premium membership with real world cash? You can use cms and microtransaction service. @XFallSeanehave a good cms for that. Also giving membership based on a large pool of hours that only count down when a player is logged in is a method Yes its an another method
  17. Today i did shoot animation for Bows Embedded Video Link
  18. Features - Premium for your game and conditions for premium players (Special Zones, Premium Items etc.) - Premium timer is not counting when player offline. (I want this for my game. If you counting timer when offline need source edit.) - Player based. (If you want to account based use Users Variables) Firstly we need boolean player variable for activate player's premium and need 3 integer variable (Seconds, Minutes, Hours) and need 3 Common Event Premium Activate Common Event is Spawn Condition for Premium Activate Premium Command Common Event First text strings 720 Hours Premium Common Event Conditional Branches should be Greater than or Equal to Spawn Condition Create Item for your game's shop and activate premium System is Ready to Use Let's Enjoy
  19. Today i did Premium (Membership) System for Intersect Engine with Events... I will share tomorrow that system on forum...
  20. since 1.52 engine got custom animations i found how i use custom animations https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/1347
  21. Hi guys, Someone can explain new animation system? Kindly regards...
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