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Concept Main Menu and In-game


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Hello Guys,


I would like feedbacks...


I've been working on interface concepts for my project and at the same time implementing this new interface It is basically an alpha version of the main menu and in-game but I will gradually adjust it.


Main menu:



in-game 1:



In-game 2:



In-game 3:



Some elements may be unalignmented but I'll fix it later.


Thanks :D

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@SkywardRiver  I was thinking about it yesterday, when they showed me a photo just like you posted above, but I used this concept to make my own UI:




My design is really similar to Dark Story, but still think the model with the circle is different and I not see any problems, I believe the concept of the project itself is different.


My idea was to leave the hotkeys similar to wasd movements

But I understand your point.






kk, thanks for the tips man, but I believe that I will upgrade UI with the circle.


@Refur thank you for the feedback, your project is awesome, it is good to see you guys sharing ideas.


@Capivarinha @Khaikaa Thanks guys, helped a lot in my ideas, keep your eyes on this, more will come.



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4 hours ago, gallighanmaker said:

Life and mana bar separated:




 I would say it looks good, but:



Maybe you didn't know when designing it, but it's "suspiciously" similar to the point where you would probably get players from Diablo smack-talking your game if you used it. I don't know, just my thoughts.





(lol jokes. Looks good man)

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In-game test:





  • I know that the bars are hardcoded to deplete towards the left  but I still managed to apply vital graphics in format I wanted.
  • I add character portrait.
  • Order of numbers was easier to leave like that, it was not what I wanted but it's still good for now.
  • Exp bar is still missing.
  • 1366x768: http://prntscr.com/ii2wrx


What do they think for now ?.






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1 hour ago, gallighanmaker said:



I will update vitals with some effects on the texture and improve the edges.

I need to change the ingame text font to have a better look and surely improvements will come.

Thank you for your feedback.


I agree, changing the text to fit the UI more would make a giant difference. 

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