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  1. I increased the window size horizontally, the close button is limited to the previous value of the window
  2. I got everything right, someone help me "how do I reposition the close button?" }, "CloseButton": { "Bounds": "180,11,21,20", "Padding": "0,100,9,0", "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "0,13,0,0", "AlignmentTransform": "0,0", "Margin": "0,0,0,0", "RenderColor": "255,255,255,255", "Alignments": "Top",
  3. I'm also in this doubt. They are individual or together?
  4. Bem simples e clean, porém acho meio estranho a junção dos recursos com pixels visíveis com os recursos Kenney, meio que há um desencontro aí.
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