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Free Christmas Sprites


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Hey guys,

Christmas is coming, and I noticed that there is no Christmas sprites compatible with the upcoming Intersect Graphics, so I decided to create some Christmas decorations for you, so you can decorate your games and make great xmas events. It is a simple graphic pack but can help anyone who wants to bring the christmas spirit to their game. :11_blush:





  • Tileset:







1. Christmas Light

Please note: The light sprites are made in waterfall format, so you will need to select waterfall tile type to see the lights changing color.



2. Christmas Tree Light

Please note: The christmas tree lights is an animation, so you will need to create an animation and place it above the christmas tree graphic.





That's all, I hope you like the sprites and creatively decorate your games for this Christmas :11_blush:

Please, consider making a donation! :769_heart:




Download: Christmas Sprites 3.0.rar

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  • Kyrise changed the title to Free Christmas Sprites
6 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

@jcsnider can we include these in the default pack?

4 hours ago, jcsnider said:

If that's okay with @Kyrise and he's okay with whatever licensing we decided on. 


That's okay guys, I don't see any problems. Btw, I'm glad to know that my work can help decorate some games for the christmas :11_blush:


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  • 1 year later...

Free Christmas Sprites - Update 3.0


Hey Guys, I'm back today to bring you a new update of my Free Christmas Sprites Pack. Hope you like it and let's get this christmas spitit on!



  • Snow tilesets (an edited version¬†of one of the upcoming Intersect tilesets)
  • 45 new items (Santa's hat, cookies, milk cups, candies and socks)
  • Updated chistmas tree lights animation





If you like my christmas sprites pack, please consider making a donation! :769_heart:




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