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WIP Isolated Paradise


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Hello I present you my upcoming indie 2D MMORPG Isolated Paradise. So far there isn't much information, as the game's alpha will start soon.
The games website is: http://www.ghostwiregames.com/


Game Story:


They say that once, this land was peaceful and prosperous. That peace was had, and that even the merest village was like a palace. Such prosperity could not last, however. They say a man with no name but Wicked unleashed a curse of ruination. The land rotted, millions died, and the gods themselves were struck down, falling from the heavens. Death had swept the world, leaving few untouched.

As humans are wont to do, the survivors fought over the scraps that were left. Friend fought friend, and brother fought brother, as the remnants of kingdoms that were firm allies turned against each other in their plight. The dead themselves roamed the lands, so great was the catastrophe that even those forsaken gates to the lands of the unwanted dead were flung open. This once prosperous land, already ruined once, threatened to destroy itself over again.

But not all had lost their senses. Not all sought to become a king over the ashes. An institute, famed for training some of the greatest heroes ever known, took a stand. In a world gone mad, these few heroes left opened their doors. They took in the hopeless, the desperate, the forgotten, and they turned them into heroes. Heroes with no loyalties but to humanity as a whole, no purpose but the protection of all, and no aspiration but to die fighting the terrors out there in the world. Are they enough? Tell me, can a candle hope to illuminate the night? But they continue to try, in the hopes that one day, they will be enough.


Class System: When starting the game the players can choose between two (2) classes (Fightet and Mage). Then the game starts. Although, there are only two classes that a player can choose, then he has to buy his skills (books) in order to fix their class in the way he/she likes. Example: I start with fighter and then i buy mostly ranged/bow skills or with mage i buy more fire skills.

Skills until now:



Fire Bolt: Make an enemy catch fire.

Ice Bolt: Make an enemy freeze.
Solar Flare: Cast a blast of lightning at an enemy.
Water Beam: Cast massive water at an enemy.
Blast of Lightning: Cast a blast of lightning at an enemy. Also the near invisible enemies will be revealed.
Sleep: Cast sleep at your target.
Frost Wall: All enemies near you will get damaged.
Major Heal: Heals your target.
Healing Wave: Will heal all the enemies near your target.
Fire Wall: Will burn everyone near you.
Chain Lightning: Will deal lightning damage at the enemy and the enemies near him.



Rock Instability: Deal in a radious around you massive damage.

Wind Gash: Give you the abiliy to slash your enemy with the help of the winds.
Heart Piercer: Pierce your enemy's chest to deal him massive damage.
Way of the Axe: Deals critical damage at your enemy.
Counter Attack: Attack your enemies while attacking you in no time.
Desert Curse: Curses your enemy with the help of the desert god stunning the target.
Mana Combustion: Will consume some of your enemy's mana.

Both Classes:


Ignite: Deals your enemy fire damage over time.

Dungeon System: In the game's world there are many dungeons, some are freely open, others need keys or an item to have or to consume in order to enter, others are party only, while others open randomly on enter for every player (a message will be sent to the player on enter about the open dungeon.

Misc Information: When the game starts ventrillo client will open. Also players cant disconnect from the game if they aren't in a safe zone. In the game there are wood cutting and mining and craft system. The game will have an open world.

Items until now:


Unicorns: Main currency.

Tutorial Items (many): Used for the tutorials.
The Ruby of the Dead: Opens the gates to the hell.
Stats Reset Potion: Resets the player's stats.
Old Knight's/Mage's/Scout's Items: The tier 1 items made of wood.
Skill Tombs: Used to learn skills.
Log Lvl1/2: Used to craft items, can be taking by cutting trees down.
Hatchet: Used to cut trees.
Pickaxe: Used to mine.
Hotel Ticket: Used to enter the hotel (hotel heals the player).
Ores: Used to craft items.

There are many NPCs, some of the mare bosses, others are monsters, while others are shop keepers quest givers or mere NPCs.
Finally, the game accounts are protected with a custom crypt system.

Some game fotos: http://imgur.com/a/4tANL
Support the project: https://www.paypal.me/AlexandrosTitonis

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On 5/17/2017 at 9:04 AM, alextoti99 said:

Isolated Paradise (under development, just started)


Engine: Intersect



Me (alextoti99) and 2 friends of mine, currently not in the forum


Website: not ready



Isolated Paradise is a 2D mmorpg, based on the intersect engine. The era of the game is the mediaval era, while not in our world, but in world where magic creatures are really alive.


Classes: not ready



Starting Tutorial

Soon More!





Current Devlog:

17-May-17: Created the first houses, while ended with the first town


Hey hun I mean this in the best way possible but you need a lot of work on your maps. If you'd like you can PM me and I can help you out with some tips and some good tutorials.

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3 hours ago, alextoti99 said:

for which foto are u speaking?


Like this 




SherwiN don't use intersect, but it's intersect. Like Kibbelz said you sould learn hiw to use autotile. It's pretty easy, you only need to do 2 more click.

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13 hours ago, alextoti99 said:

hm how do mean? the tiles where already like these i just placed them

There is an option on "Tile Type" (right above all your tile sprites) that is called autotile. Click that, select the chunk of tiles you want to use and start mapping. It will make your game look wayyyy better. Hope this helps. :) 

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