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Beefy Kasplant

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lel, massive paragraph incoming


I've talked about this in the past, but I feel we are getting to a point where it's going to be necessary to have a newbie section.

Some questions have already started popping up which can easily be found on the forum by searching around a bit, or familiarizing oneself with the place.

One major concern is that the 1000th dude asking for a download link is going to make the other forum members hostile towards newbies.

Which is why I propose the newbie section to be some sort of zone where the new members can freely ask their idiot retard newbie questions.


Things I would like to see in the newbie section:


- The field when creating a new posts has some helpful links to FAQs/Downloads/Rules

- The newbie section is strictly moderated but lenient with punishments. Let them learn!

- Newbie section has a dedicated moderator who is patient and willing to help people out, no matter how stupid the questions are.

- Newbies can obviously see all other posts, post in general chit chat forums etc. but have to ask questions and project announcements in the newbie section.

- If a topic is not an obvious newbie question and abides by forum rules, the newbie moderator can move the topic to the appropriate section outside of the newbie section.

- The newbie moderator can promote newbie members to regular members


And one last thing for regular members:


- Regular members should have an option to hide the newbie section, together with all the notifications in the sidebar. So people who get sick of the 1124124th person asking for a transformation system for their dbz slash pokemon clone, can close their eyes and ears and pretend noobz don't exist.



Hope this thread will have some input from other members on how the newbie section should work as well.

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If this is something that can be done easily (I know JC recently hasn't had much time for things) I think this would be a good idea, and positive to the newbies that start here, because their questions do get repetitive. 

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I don't think saturating the forum with more vague boards is going to do is any good in the long run. How will people know which questions are relevant to which board? How are people going to find questions any easier in two boards rather then one "answered questions" section? I honestly feel they adding more boards without thinking about organizing things in the long run will just cause a bunch of trouble later on. 



(I always thought eclipse had a messy board structure that was hard to navigate and they kept adding small boards they deemed necessary.. Until the end of time.) 



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1 hour ago, WereAlpaca said:

The forum just needs a "Getting Started" thread. All Moderators, Admins, and Member can just link to that thread anytime some needs help. Simples

This. I don't think it is needed to create whole another subforum, that would just create more confusion among new members.

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7 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Chronos Perhaps a fusion between the @WereAlpaca and you idea would be good a link to the big post.

also @WereAlpaca you haven't been on in ages I swear :P welcome back unless I am just stupid and keep missing you

No wifi t.t I use my phone's data sometimes.


@jcsnider sounds like a pretty solid plan. 

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