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  1. The bitcoin symbol is the currency we will be using in game.
  2. I did add shadow but it might need to be a bit darker.
  3. Here is the current GUI W.I.P Give feedback please.
  4. My custom 3D model of a rifle, still need to add some detailing such as a safety and a few more grooves maybe. Let me know if you like it or not in a reply
  5. Yes I also agree with the fact that it does look odd without pedals chain or sprocket but It would take alot longer to render etc with the chain, especially once it has been textured.
  6. I am yet to Mask them with Rust and damage etc. I should of mentioned this in the post however I forgot.
  7. They are made out of Metal, which is then painted to give a glossy-ish finish, I am going to update the reflections on the Billboard a little though,
  8. Here are some Models that I have created and Textured for our Post-apocalyptic game which is just getting started. - Give me Good points and bad points, looking to +UP my work. - For those wondering, the Dev Team is called High Rise Games. - You can check out our Face Book and give us support if you'd like <3 https://www.facebook.com/HighRiseGames/
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