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  1. Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    @jcsnider Thank you so much, dude, good job!
  2. Transparency Problem

    Fixed!! XD, thanks you @jcsnider
  3. Transparency Problem

    I have the same problem in mask 1
  4. NPC question

    how do I change the NPC level?
  5. Bug in Map Grid

    Oh, okay, thanks you.
  6. Bug in Map Grid

    I upgraded my intersect from 3.1 to 4.0, but it looks like my grid map bugged, does anyone know it's a bug?
  7. Mapping Evaluate my map and suggestions

    Many thanks for the suggestions!
  8. What do you think? What could I improve? I did it on Intersect.
  9. [Question] Intersect or Orion?

    Thank you =d
  10. [Question] Intersect or Orion?

    It's just that I'm afraid to start work on one and not stand up to my demand, of course I'm thinking about the future
  11. [Question] Intersect or Orion?

    They are very good, but some of the two can have more stability than the other?
  12. Intersect or Orion to keep an MMORPG with more than 50 players online ?!
  13. Map with black corner

    Thank you very much!
  14. Map with black corner

    So sorry my english is kind of bad =/, Is black on the sides of the map common? I have 4 square shaped maps I wanted it not to have some black corner..
  15. Map with black corner

    Estou usando 4 mapas para o Mapa Grid, você pode obter esse cinto preto que aparece debaixo e no lado direito? - This in-game