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  1. Thank you ! In the future I may modify some things.
  2. Thank you ! One thing is true they are not talking, I will edit their names.
  3. Thank you ! I was thinking of doing that, let's see if I add it later.
  4. Hello, I present to you, my talking tree, will be one of the elements of my project that I have been working for 1 year, I hope you enjoy. I will post more things about the project, I already have many things ready. Thank you ! Embedded Video Link
  5. to disable is false correct? if this continues to give the same problem @jcsnider
  6. Hello I would like because the screen goes black after selecting the character, I put my game on a friend's computer and got this problem, his computer has great settings and the drives are all up to date.
  7. Darkmg


    Great job, congratulations.
  8. you're going for a test here! Looking for something like this, continue with the project. Congratulations
  9. Darkmg

    Ulna Online

    Hello, I would like to play wherever I go.
  10. for sure ! It's one of the things I most want. Not only do I like many here
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