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  1. I've also noticed that both the cast and hit animations play when laying a trap. I wish that wasn't the case. In my game, players can lay mines that cause a big explosion animation when stepped on. But it also causes a big explosion animation when the trap is being laid down. Makes it kinda hard to catch other players in a trap if they see an explosion when you lay it down.
  2. Honsetly, I can't even remember what my question was. But I appreciate the help. I think my main question is about attack speed. I understand how the static speed works, with the higher the number being the slower the weapon attacks. Percentage then would increase attack speed (or decrease the time between attacks) by %, I assume. And having the weapon speed disabled makes it dependent on the user's speed stat, correct?
  3. @Uranochos The similar event was a teleport party spell. It would summon an NPC that looked like a swirling portal. When destroyed, the NPC's dying event would warp anyone in the party to a certain city. It was a cool concept, but I didn't keep it in my game. So there are a variety of differences between that old event and the one I am working on now, I just don't see it being a problem that players warp to the same location. It seems more like the Hold Player command runs for everyone, but the Release Player command isn't.
  4. @Weylon Santana Thanks for such an in-depth analysis! I am currently trying out what you said and will post again with the results. I've just been a little busy lately. @Uranochos Thanks for the ideas. It's possible that wapring the players to the same location causes problems, but I have used different events to warp an entire party to the same location and it worked just fine. So I think it is something else, but I don't know. I could be mistaken, but I thought that 'Interaction Freeze' referred to the event, not the player. My understanding is that it keeps the event from moving around when the player is talking/interacting with it.
  5. Those are some good thoughts, thanks. The players actually warp to the center of the same map that all these events are on. So while they warp, they don't actually change maps. Still, if the game thinks that they are changing maps, maybe that affects things. I'll try doing a conditional branch after they warp, and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas.
  6. Hi everyone! I want to thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I have a really fun game coming along, and I currently have about a dozen people helping me test it out. As part of the game, there are boss fights that are balanced for between 3 and 4 people working as a team. (So, a single party.) What I am trying to do is have an event (in this case an ancient pillar) that activates a global switch called 'Boss 1 Cinematic.' When that switch turns on, there is an on-map event called 'Cinematic 1' that is supposed to play. And it does. It warps players to the center of the map, and causes an event shaped like the boss to talk to them. But, once the cinematic is over, the players are supposed to be released so that they can fight the boss. However, only the player who activated the ancient pillar is released, the others are held in place and become cannon fodder for the boss. It was kind of funny watching that happen with my testers, but obviously we don't want that to be what actually happens. Also, when the boss is defeated, it activates the second Cinematic switch, which activates another event. This event allows the dying boss to share some last words, and is also supposed to reward everyone on the map with some fancy loot. Once again, only the player who kills the boss is recieving the loot and being released, the other players are held in place indefinitely. So my question is: Why is this autorun event only working properly for 1 player? How can I make it where it fully affects all the players on the map? If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will clarify anything that needs clarified. I have also attached snapshots of my events so that you can see exactly what they do. Thank you. An overview of the map: The Ancient Pillar Event: The first cinematic: Second Cinematic. (Two pictures to show the whole thing): The event that plays on the boss's death and the boss NPC settings.
  7. Hi everyone! I love this game engine and this community. I have been unable to find a guide on all the different options you are given when creating a weapon in the editor. Does anyone have a link to a section that explains all the different options and what they affect? Thanks.
  8. I don't know about a tutorial, but I ended up creating a spreadsheet in google sheets to help me balance my game. You can take a look if you'd like. I set my formulas to the following: PhysicalDamage: "((A_Attack + BaseDamage) + ((ScalingStat * ScaleFactor) *2) - V_Defense)", MagicDamage: "((A_AbilityPwr + BaseDamage) + ((ScalingStat * ScaleFactor)*2) - V_MagicResist)", TrueDamage: "BaseDamage" And then I built a spreadsheet around them. The spreadsheet shows weapons and abilities, and how much damage they do if the player uses them on an enemy monster, and how much damage a monster using them on the player would do. It calculates everything perfectly, and I can rely on this to know how much damage players and enemies do in-game. It will even allow you to edit Player level, player equipment, enemy level, and enemy type. You can view the spreadsheet using the link below, but remember that you can only edit the parts in purple. As it stand right now, a level 1 player can damage up to a level 3 monster, but level 4 and 5 have armor too thick for a level 1 player unless they are using the best weapons in the game. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nCSbvffPJFyDdeWmE1NV6e-GLDjiLaDxbXyRM_4mwo4/edit#gid=973091799
  9. Hi everyone, I'm playing around with healing spells and with the new shield effects. I'm trying to get NPCs to heal each other, which would make an encounter more difficult for our players when enemies heal each other or easier if friendly NPCs helped heal the player. The healing spells work when players use them, either on themselves or a friendly target. But the NPCs only seem to target themselves, and even AOE healing doesn't seem to work for enemies. Is there a way to configure spells or NPCs so that they will heal each other? The one work around I can think of is making the NPC with the healing ability treat other NPCs as enemies and then targetiing them with 'healing' spells that can target hostiles. But that isn't a perfect solution. Thanks in advance, freinds.
  10. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hi everyone! I love the progress that you have made on Intersect so far. This latest update is awesome! You're creating a game engine that I personally believe will revolutionize the indie MMO world. My suggestion is this: When creating NPCS, can we make it possible to identify NPC behavior based on a team ID number or variable? I will give you an example of why I think this would be useful in my game. While my game is a rather atypical example, I'm pretty certain it would be useful for more people than just myself to have this feature. My game does no play like a typical MMO, but instead is designed for games with up to 20 players. The players can team up or fight against other players in an effort to become the new monarch. As they go on quests and adventures, they can befriend/recruit minions that they can then summon to fight for them. Currently, in order to do this I need to create 20 different versions of each minion (plus their neutral hostile counterparts) so that a minion exists for each of the 20 possible teams. When the player spawns their minions, the game checks which team the player is on (player variable) and summons a minion that is specific to that particular team. This isn't that big of a pain in the neck, the real problem is adding all of the NPCs that a minion should fight. I have to list the other 19 NPCs of this same minion (but different teams) as enemies. I have over 50 minions that I plan on having 20 NPCs for, one for each team. They all have to have all the other NPCS added in as their enemies. I am willing to (and actually in the process of) doing that because I think the end product will be worth it, but it would save a lot of time and effort if I could simply assign teams to each NPC, and have them attack anything that isn't part of their team. I don't have a ton of money to offer, but I'd be willing to make an extra donation to the Intersect team if we could get NPC teams added in. In a more typical MMORPG setting, other developers might benefit from NPC teams if they ever wanted to have faction based warfare or anything of the sort in their games, ensuring that any stray Alliance NPC who follows a player into Horde territory, for example, gets what they deserve. This would be far more simple if you could simply designate team 1 as Alliance and team 2 as Horde, and any NPCs from one team will be hostile to NPCs from the other.(Forgive me for referencing Warcraft, but I figure it is a good example of a MMORPG that most have played.) Thanks for reading my request. What do all of you think of this idea? /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
  11. Hi everyone! I feel like I've been posting a lot lately, but I love the intersect engine and as I've used it, I've just had a lot of questions come up. This time, I'm wondering if it is possible to adjust which tiles show up for attributes when you are in the map editor. For example, I edited the 'attributes' png from the misc folder. I added an extra tile marker and I diferentiated between Z dimension level 1 tiles and zdimension level 2 tiles. (You can see the original and then my edited version to the right.) I'm wondering if there is a way to tell the editor to use the z1 tiles for zdimension level 1 and the z2 for zdimension level 2. As it currently is, the editor displays the same png image for any type of zdimension attribute, and it makes it confusing because all the editor shows is purple z's, and I don't always know which z's are blocks, which are gateways, and which are level 1 and which are level 2. It would make it a lot easier to keep track of the zdimensions that I am using in game if the editor could use different png images for each type of z dimension. Thank you. If there is anything about my question that I need to clarify, please let me know.
  12. As far as I am aware, Intersect does not have a way of keeping track of each player. I use these switches to keep track of each player, so that I can then use their player variables in chat messages that all the other players can see. On example would be: If switch IsPlayer1, show text "\pn's current reputations are: X, Y , Z." That way I can have a common event that shows all player names and their current reputations. Does that make sense? My game does have a limited number of players, maxing out at 20. The Intersect MMORPG engine just works really well for the type of game I am creating.
  13. Hi everyone! I have created a reputation system in my game that uses player variables to determine whether town guards will act hostile towards the player. That works great. I am trying to implement an event where players can pay gold to lower a different player's reputation, basically putting a bounty on their head. However, setting a bounty does not seem to work. I am wondering if any of you have ideas on how to create a system like this? Or if you can spot why mine is not working? Switches 'IsPlayerX' are player switches that help identify the players. the Switches titled 'SettingBountP[x]' are used in the conditions to make sure a page only runs if a bount yis being placed on a specific player. The first image is page 1 of my event, and allows the player to decide a target player. Image 2 is the second page, which should lower the player's player variables. Image 3 is the conditions for image 2. Thank you for any helpful advice you can send my way.
  14. Is there any way to use a player's class in an event? Would \param be able to do this?
  15. I did see that, but I wasn't sure which programming language it is in and truthfully I couldn't make heads or tales of it. Is it in C+?
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