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Found 1 result

  1. EVOLV

    Closed Beta Age of the Four Clans

    DINOSAURMMO.COM - Try our PTR (updated 3/25/2017) AGE OF THE FOUR CLANS is an upcoming 2D MMO featuring a fantastic prehistoric setting. "The four Raptor clans of the ancient Earth always held an uneasy alliance with one another. After a meteor devastated the Deathclaw Clan and unleashed strange creatures upon the planet, truces were made in order to find answers and return the world to order. The slime, a bizarre life form which oozed forth from the impact site, quickly spread to all corners of Laurasia, mutating native species and trashing the delicate ecology everywhere it appeared - threatening a mass extinction of all life on Earth." For those of you who caught us the first time around, we've updated our servers from Skywyre to Intersect Beta2! The team is the same, with myself ("Coffee Raptor") and two others ("Reznor" and "Green") working to bring our little dinosaur game to life. As before, our goal is to keep this game as "clean" as possible when it comes to messing with the source. With the coming of the Intersect engine, we feel there are plenty of features built-in to allow for us to focus on content with minimal coding. Therefore, we hope the experiment of A4C will be a successful game built within a mostly-stock engine, and an example to other developers of all skill-sets to showcase what is possible with Intersect right out of the box. Server for the PTR is usually up (about 90%) we are a little on the laggy side, but hope to have better hosting as we get closer to a full release of the game. Classes: Media: Features we're working on: Unique characters and setting with further customization options as you progress Many classes to branch into - "Hidden" classes as well, opening new spells and abilities Arena games and rewards for playing them Quests to keep you going in a group or solo A growing and evolving storyline And more as we create! Where to Find Us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/evolvgames IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/age-of-the-four-clans YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQuAYOcIlUggkpdFhpnxgkg