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  1. Hello, I need your help, could you talk to me private?

  2. u can do it editing the xml file of game and menu
  3. cut 4 frames or more with 32px and go to animation label many animations in map can generate lag
  4. dont forget to put in the event edit your requeriments to use that event class and spell
  5. yes dude but u need put in mainmenu.xml female checkbox hide
  6. before u see this tutorial you need know this remove the female character Embedded Video Link Youtube Link
  7. thank you my friend
  8. Psychorustle

    UI Pack

    hello guys i'm making a new UI based on original UI from intersect and i make it available to you but this not yet fully ready preview of first pack i have work today and is almost ready i need only fix positions of some texts this is a short preview UPDATE
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