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  1. Add me on switch: 0318-9849-3778

  2. to be honest, i'm kind of impressed this Dash 2.0 thing is still going

  3. Sent my resume into Nintendo! Fingers Crossed, homies!

  4. (meme)

  5. Dash 2.0

    1. OddlyDashly


      You're writing it.

  6. The next person to post a status update has to write Dash 2.0

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    2. OddlyDashly


      Oh my god, you took it to the next level.

    3. jcsnider


      The memes are starting to hurt. Tagging @Cashplant

    4. Dashplant


      Now dash more like it @TheMeq!

  7. Yo, who's writing Dash 2.0

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    2. Zetasis


      Yeah, I don’t get it.

    3. OddlyDashly


      Because like, you already have dash, but dash 2.0 would be like dash but better.

    4. Dashplant


      Dash right! Crest gets it!

  8. Ya ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe? :407_beer::190_athletic_shoe:

    1. jezza


      i'm old greg!

    2. OddlyDashly



  9. OddlyDashly

    Fart Man: Funny Fart Game

    No, no, they're perfectly terrible.Google search programmer art. It's a beautiful thing.
  10. OddlyDashly

    Fart Man: Funny Fart Game

    Ignore kibz. If you're gonna write a bad game, make it as bad as you can. Make it so bad that it's good. Mellenials are weird as hell. They love that kinda stuff. Not that the concept is bad, but the humor is so immature, it kinda makes you laugh, low key of how stupid you think it is. That's a good bad, it works, trust me.
  11. Damian posted a link to instructions but theyre not very detailed. In order to get a game running and exposed to the internet there's a small network configuration step you have to do. You'll need the login to your router, follow Damian's steps, and checkout my article on port forwarding if you get stuck. My tutorial goes into detail on what port forward is and what you are doing, it's a beefy read but worth the information.
  12. vb6 is the best language out there, change my mind.

    1. Gibier


      Seems that nobody have enough argument to change you mind.

    2. Phenomenal


      >End function


      'nuff said.

  13. OddlyDashly

    Poetry Thread

    I am your beast, And you are my goddess. My love to you is true and loyal, For only the beast, misunderstood by man, May truly see the humanity in the heart of the human soul. For it is love that burns like a torch in the hearts of each of us, what drives us, the love for the beauty of the human spirit. And it is your love for which my heart burns! As it is the only love which I can truly understand, The love of finding the humanity confined within the body of the human!