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  1. Gee, it suuuurrreee is boring around here. My boi.

  2. Arcwyre Lots Of New Stuff

    But arcwyre you not released yet?
  3. Beef Plz

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    2. Crest


      *Eats New Years Resolutions Themed Glutenfree Dairyfree Beef*

    3. Crest


      That's gud New Years Resolutions Themed Glutenfree Dairyfree Beef

    4. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      *Nods hungrily*

  4. Graphics Isometric Eclipse

    I made it very clear that nobody cares. So just in case that no one is aware, nobody cares what you do with eclipse.
  5. How to make an MMO:

    Install Windows 95, any other operating system is far too inferior.

    Install VB6. All other programming languages are illegal in all 50 states across the US.

    Download mirage source

    Take plunger, and force winsockets in, (you may neeed to use brute force).

    Delete system32.


  6. Graphics Isometric Eclipse

    Mirage was first released under a GPL license, a copy left license that means all derivitives of the software (including derivitives of derivitives) must also inherit the GPL license. legally you cannot close the source to any derivitive of it... Not that that matters, because no one cares for it...
  7. Port Forwarding Explained

    This was a terrible place to ask your question if you were looking for a quick response. The application may or may not support iPV6. Your IPv6 address should also have an ipv4 google search "What is my Ipv4 address. Also, i'm not sure if there's a problem with your port forwarding settings because you didn't upload a picture of them.
  8. *cough HappyBirthdayCrest *cough

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    2. Crest


      *eats birthday beef

    3. Crest


      *but first blows out birthday beef candle

    4. Crest


      *eats birthday beef.

      Thanks 4 the beef

  9. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Today on my project, I learnt me the value of friendship; Ultimately meaningless. For real though, Took a step away from Salem for the week to work on a quantum computing presentation. So I worked on a quantum computing presentation
  10. I made gold: (image)


    1. Crest


      *its, by the way.

    2. Crest


      Optional features Mandatory bugs

  11. The presents thread.

    and all i wanted for christmas was intersect's source code
  12. I hacked JC, here's a link to intersect's source:

    1. Gibier


      THX alot for the source

  13. Beef me, daddy!

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    2. Crest


      I now gain 1/16th of my HP back at the end of each turn

    3. Crest


      Thanks dad.

    4. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      *Nods Thoughtfully*