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  1. Vhaeriel

    Remove joined message

    Actually you can delete the message from the server_strings.json " "joined":"
  2. Hi, I try to edit PlayerBox.json, i try to edit the bound value for make my UI Line 2 : "Bounds": "4,4,314,192", to "Bounds": "20,20,314,192", But, when i launch the game on enter in the game, the value return to the default value "Bounds": "4,4,314,192", Anyone know why? Thank you ! EDIT :Ok, my bad i edit the wrong line on the json. If anyone had this issued, you need to edit the Children "InfoPanel"
  3. Vhaeriel

    Game's Icon

    I think the icon is on net ressource folder, but we can't edit it.. But, it's really weird to publish game if we can't have ur own icon I hope we can have solution for that
  4. Vhaeriel

    Game's Icon

    Yeah, I tried to change with ressources hacker, but when i run the client intersect, icon is still the same in the taskbar and top left, but not in the folder
  5. Vhaeriel

    Game's Icon

    Hi, any way to change the icon of the game, and the detail in properties ?
  6. A simple way to make some "self dommage" to the player -> One when the character walk in a tileset with attributes (Like walk on burn floor, take 5 damage / sec) -> One with event in the tab "Player Control", we have Restore HP, Restore MP, but i think Lose HP/MP can be pretty cool !
  7. Vhaeriel

    Any way for ban/mute offline player?

    Mmmh.. i understand all, so at this moment, no way to sanction a player online?
  8. Before putting my game online, I would like to know if there is a way to ban/mute/unban/unmute an offline player ? I trie to edit the .db file, but i can't because the playerId (or id nvm) is an foreign key, and the data was in binary I trie to ban ip directly on the VPS/dedicated, but the ip of player was not registered in the database I can"t really put online the game, if administrators can't do the minimum :-( PS : unmute/unban crash the server
  9. Hi, just want to share my UI design for future game ! I'm very excited to wait the source for the engine, for more editing ! Any tips ? Launcher : Main Menu Option menu