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  1. Hello, i've make an "on death" trigger, but i need to make an "ressurect" command so I've do some modifications but, even if i modify EventCommand.Cs, CommandPinter and add String in string.Cs, my new command don't appear in the editor in the command list option (where you can chose to teleport player, give hp etc..)
  2. Hello I want to know how to make an on death event trigger with source modifications I understand it's on Player.cs line 893 and edit that part But i don't undestand how to create a "new trigger"
  3. Error come from the version of net framework
  4. But i got correctly file named music.index music0.asset and same for asset The issues is, the updater still download music & sound folder, that's the only issues
  5. Hello I've an issue when i try to pack my ressources. All the graphic ressources is correctly packed, sound and music is correctly packed too But When i generate an update, the updater download my sound and music folder, even if it's packed or not What i mean is my updater download packed sound, packed music, and the music & sound folder no packed How i can avoid this ? In the update.json, i saw all music / sound is not "ClientIgnore"
  6. Hello I've trouble while running server on a server windows 2012 If try both : Used the source code and compiled myself the engine, i got handshake error Try the prebuild version, handshake error. If i run the server on my computer, all in local, client and server work If i run the server on my vps, i got the handshake error. => All the version build is the same => Port is open => No firewall issues I also get this error when in server side when i launch the client : Can you help me please?
  7. Hello I've an issue when i making the gui. I've edited the OptionWindow.json See this pic : The problem : I want the ControlsContainer had an image, and not had a "transparent" background. I"ve try lot of solution, but nothing work.. I've try to had : Normal Image Hovered Image BackgroudTemplate Texture I don't had anymore ideas EDIT : I've searched in OptionWindows.cs in the source code, but same..
  8. We need to see the error, can you past your logs/errors-Intersect Server.log ?
  9. Work on MariaDB ! Mysql was the problem so Thank you
  10. Hello, I've tried with a both fresh data and fresh source I've tried with the stable build (Intersect Engine Build 3 Full.zip) I've tried with the developpement build from github, ( with compillating myself the server, and i've tried with the main branch from github too But, it's the same result, all time got the same error My MySQL database is in 8.0.21 I also try to use the migrate command, but it's the same result
  11. Hello With the developpement branch of Intersect, and a fresh start, i'm unable to connect the server to an MySQL database Version Database need to be upgraded Error : 2021-01-18 23:41:19.648 [Error] GAMEDB: 20102 - Failed executing DbCommand (3ms) [Parameters=[], CommandType='Text', CommandTimeout='30'] ALTER TABLE `Npcs` ADD `Color` longtext NOT NULL DEFAULT '{"A":255,"R":255,"G":255,"B":255}'; EDIT : Even with the main repository, same bug
  12. Where is the doc ? https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/
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