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  1. Still looking for an answer on this one if anyone has time to throw me some info. I found this function in the Player.cs file. Can this turn in place option be modified to instead lock player facing while the key is held down? private void TurnAround() { // If players hold the 'TurnAround' Control Key and tap to any direction, they will turn on their own axis. for (var direction = 0; direction < Options.Instance.Sprites.Directions; direction++) { if (!Controls.KeyDown(Control.TurnAround) || direction != Globals.Me.MoveDir) { continue; } // Turn around and hold the player in place if the requested direction is different from the current one. if (!Globals.Me.IsMoving && Dir != Globals.Me.MoveDir) { Dir = (byte)Globals.Me.MoveDir; PacketSender.SendDirection(Dir); Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; } // Hold the player in place if the requested direction is the same as the current one. if (!Globals.Me.IsMoving && Dir == Globals.Me.MoveDir) { Globals.Me.MoveDir = -1; } } } I'm still new to C# and multiplayer game development so I am not familiar with packet sending, though I am learning as I go. Can I just change this function or do I need to do something with packets in other class files? Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Is there any way to apply direction fix to the player? Ideally, I imagine a scenario where the player can hold down the Shift key (or whatever) and lock their direction for strafing or walking backwards.
  3. Yeah, I grabbed a clean 6.2.0 and used diffy to find out what goes where. That's a really sweet tool. Once it was running, I moved my old 6.2.457 server files over (minus the exe) and that seems to have taken care of getting my work to the 6.2 patched project. EDIT: wait, there was another step actually. For some reason it wouldn't work until I saw Scaly's post and did this -- "Edit: Figured it out. I'm a noob to using github but I figured it out (myself actually ) so for other github noobs the fix was to revert to the old branch using 'git reset --hard <commit ID>' and after doing that it worked flawlessly. " For some reason, that was a big deal. The 'git reset --hard commitID' was necessary. The server says it's a version.
  4. You rock. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I got it working and even figured out how to move my progress from one project to another, so that's sweet. Just having trouble with the editor now, it's popping some kind of error regarding monogame versions and shaders. Other than the editor, though, everything works great now. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer to Intersect and loving it so far. I've been having a really hard time with the patches and versions and trying to get things set up as I need them. I think I've got it figured out now, for the most part, but I keep running into the exact same error from this thread but didn't want to necropost: I tried following the posts there, but replacing the shaders doesn't seem to help. I may be doing it wrong, I've found multiple 'shader' folders and have been doing some trial and error. I tried grabbing shaders from the newest pre-release, as well as beta 6 just in case (as I am using a 6.2 build). I tried replacing shaders in the 'build\debug\editor' folder as well as the 'Intersect.Editor' folder. Which shaders am I supposed to replace, exactly, and where? Could someone maybe steer me in the right direction here?
  6. I have a project on the build and I really need to add these patches but I can't find the right download. I can only seem to get the files that aren't already built. The patches don't seem to work with that one, so I'm trying to find the files for so I can try this out. Alternatively, is there a way to apply patches to an already built project?
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