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  1. Hi ! It is possible to have in game leaderboards about ratio, kills, levels, classes, etc ? Some achievements too ?
  2. Awnkei


    Hi, i’ve got another last question that i didnt saw on the forum. Can i do PvP against my friends and if so, is this difficult to setup? Ty for your time !
  3. Imo without this feature i dont think to continue my game on this tool but it’s unfortunate because it is really good to use !
  4. What PR means ? The post where i saw it was in 2020 ! 3 years later this huge feature is not in the engine because of what ?
  5. Hi, i'm trying to start making an game and i'm confused about the fact that we can't move in diagonal. I saw a post where we could do that but i don't know how ? Someone can help me please ? :p Ty !
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