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  1. Yep , and apart of that i'm making new tiles in photoshop . I took a fast screenshot haha sorry for that , I almost finished all the leaf village and will start with other maps soon . Would you want to join in it? ^^ For sure, you can give me your discord and when I have some advances you can start playing it ^^
  2. So if somebody wanna join to the staff as mapper or designer i will be so glad <3 also I need some moderators for my forum and game. For the graphic design I can pay some on paypal if its needed
  3. I have some maps done , and working now on the character concept , also I have a forum with 8k users that I made like 10 years ago when I made my first naruto mmorpg . My concept now is an mmorpg inspired on naruto , like the NIN online , if you want more information you can add me to discord my discord is Kaitokunk #6030
  4. Hi guys, I'm starting to make an mmrpg inspired on Naruto,and I need some staff for make it, as some graphic designer, programmer and some moderators for the game and forum. You can check my old forum here: The forum will be remodeled and will be name changed soon You can contact me on telegram searching my username @alexitokun Thanks to everybody.
  5. Hi guys , we are having a problem starting to create our game. I open the server and its all okay, it shows my ip and port, and I can connect to my server ( but I can't change the ip in the config file , when I change it and save, and open the client, the ip reset for Localhost ) but my mates can't connect because they can't change the ip in the config file I hope you can help us, thanks guys.
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