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  1. The migrations works after deleting the foreign key but when i create a new account here is what happen : Because characters have to share the same informations apart level, stats, vitals...
  2. Hi, I try to make a multi-character system. For that I create a class Characters that is declared in the Player Class. When i try to migrate the database i got this error message : My Character's class : My Player's class : Edit: The player unlock various characters throught the game which offers him the possibility of switching between different characters at any giving time to try new playstyles. Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for your answer! My problem is resolve!
  4. Hi, I want to create a new class to manage a QTE system and here what I get when I create an instance of the class : https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/09c78e6e02284cf2dc28aceef177baa5.png
  5. The game is now available ! The download link is available in the discord.
  6. The game will be available tomorrow at 6 PM
  7. For now we only have a discord.
  8. In this game , you'll be able to relive the story of Dragonball through your characters from the iconic series ! In this all new version of Dbz Fight you'll be able to fight your way from the Saiyan Saga to the Cell Saga . The game will be available in French and in English. The game has been developed with Eclipse Skywyre. Story : Saga Saiyan : 100% Saga Namek : 100% Saga Cyborg : 100% Saga Cell : 100% Features : 150 levels available 6 playable characters A lot of skills for each character More than 100 maps A lot of equipments Current Staff : Escanor (Developer) Konoshi (Moderator) Kitsuku (Moderator) Yan971 (Pixel Artist) Media : Embedded Video Link Discord : https://discord.gg/FZSNcVJ The fight system is inspired by Heroes United 2
  9. Thank you for your support. We are still looking for a mapper and a graphic designer.
  10. Hi, We are a french team. We are looking for a mapper and a graphist for our game Dragon Ball Universe Online. We are using the engine Eclipse Skywyre V9. Currently, the staff is composed of : - 2 Pixel Artist - 1 scenarist - 1 developer (me) We have already released the game once, there were about 10-20 connected players per day. Here is some screenshots/videos : We decided to rebuild the game for some reasons, we kept the old fight systems inspired of Heroes United 2 of Falacy. We are using paperdolls to create our own characters and the game will have his own storyline. The story takes place in the same universe as Dragon Ball. New version : The game will be available in French and in English. We are looking for a motivated mapper and graphic designer to help us.
  11. Escanor

    Dbz Fight

    Les quêtes : En vous connectant le première fois au jeu vous incarnerez Son Goku et devrez avancer dans l'histoire pour débloquer chronologiquement les personnages et les techniques propres aux personnages. Chaque personnage aura son lot de quêtes à faire pour avancer dans l'histoire. L'histoire retrace les aventures de la ZTeam jusqu'à la fin de la saga Buu. Images du Jeu : Vidéo : Staff : Mappeur : Aissa, RyuuZeD, Jiren Graphiste : Vince Dévelopeur : Escanor Liens utiles : Le forum : http://www.dbzfight.tk/ Le discord : https://discord.gg/y3kC8SQ Crédits : Webfoot technologies Akira Toriyama créateur de l'oeuvre originale Dragon Ball SkywardRiver pour le moteur Eclipse Skywyre Heores United 2 dont nous nous sommes inspirés pour le système de combat
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