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  1. Thanks @XFallSeane, got a lot of problems to understand the use of Nginx Proxy Manager but could make work with the basic reverse path of nginx installed on the machine!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm really happy to announce that I could find a way to create a MacOS App Bundle and I'm writing a tutorial to post here on forum! Maybe today I already post if I have time! Here are some pics of this beauty running (without any commands and without the need of install mono) xP Soon I'll post here how! EDIT: Rearrange some picture order
  3. Hi @XFallSeane, thank you but I still needing some help lol! I'd already listen port in amazon firewall for 443 https. I created a new EC2 instance, installed docker and docker compose and created a container with ngino proxy manager with this settings: Then I added a zone with subdomain to my elastic IP addressed to my EC2 instance. Everything seems working fine until this point. I could login to game.mydomain.com.br:81 to access Nginx Proxy Manager! I generated a ssl certificate for this subdomain and added a proxy host with this configs: Ah and in amazon firewall rules added 5400 TCP and UDP to all hosts. But when I try https://game.mydomain.com.br:5400/api/oauth/token got error... What I'm doing wrong?
  4. Wow, it was a long time, but thank you @Castiel. In fact it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I found a solution, so I'm going to answer this topic again because it might be useful for someone! What I was trying to do is, when a player joins a guild, the user variable "guildName" gets the value of the guild name. For this I created two variables: User variable: guildName guild variable: guildName. The user variable guildName is used for the owner input the value that will be de guild name. When the guild is successfully created, the guild variable gets the value that the owner has inserted. Every time a user enters the guild, the user variable (that is null for all the new members except for the owner) receives the value of the guild variable (the reverse of the creation process). This way it is possible to make conditions with the specific guild name for the player.
  5. Hello @jcsnider and @Reddoman everything is fine? I'm locally developing a site to test with Intersect using Django and Python! Until then everything was fine. Today I uploaded a server to amazon and ended up facing the same err 426. I'm hosting the site on a Digital ocean server that I already have, but when trying to configure the Nginx reverse proxy with an SSL certificate I ended up having some errors, could you evaluate the process and tell me what I can do better? First I configured my api as follows: ... "" ], ... ... "Enabled": true, "DebugMode": false, "AllowedNetworkTypes": 4, ... So I installed nginx on the server and created a default at: "/etc/nginx/sites-enabled" with the following code: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server; server_name myip.mygamedomain.com; location / { proxy_pass; } } This url: myip.mygamedomain.com was a subdomain pointing to an EC2 amazon public IPv4 dns linked to an elastic IP to my server instance. I restarted nginx services and evertything was allright but got problems with certbot... Could you tell me how could I fix this @jcsnider? Thanks!
  6. Well, I'm testing a Guild system with common events and here's a question: To create a guild you must have a player variable in string mode for the event "create guild" call the variable and create the guild with the correct name. I noticed that when inviting someone to the guild, the variable "guild name" of the invited player, does not change to the guild name, so the player is in the guild but the guild name variable is not set. There's how create a "Conditional Branch" with guild name, or when someone accept the guild invite the "guild name" variable turns to the name of the guild that he accepted?
  7. Hello guys! Not so long ago I started working with the source of the intersect engine so I still have some doubts! After forking the repository, I created a new branch from the master! I edited some codes according to my need, i gave build and everything worked 100%! I tried using the "prerelease" branch to test some updates I saw in the patch note, but I didn't understand why I couldn't edit the assembly and basic information! Could someone explain this to me? Thank u! EDIT: It seems when I build or rebuild develop or prerelease branch, doesn't appears nothing in debug folder!
  8. Still the same without http:// I tried to send PM but says for now I can send 0 messages a day lol
  9. I changed it in api.config.json to http://*:5401. I turned on the server and checked if I was listening http://*:5401 Even so the site remains offline...
  10. I disabled UPnP and everything is fine! Thanks!
  11. Hello! I did the whole installation process until I went cms_settings! I created an in-game account with user named "apiserver" and transformed the password to sha256 and finally gave api, users.query and users.manage! In api_server I entered my VPS ip and I'm using 5401 as API port. So API is listening Even so the server is offline, how could fix this error? Thanks!
  12. I could make it run, but i'm getting this problem: UPnP Service Initialization Failed. You might not have a router, or UPnP on your router might be disabled. See logs for more information EDIT: I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 on Google Cloud and already made an Firewall Rule "" 5400 UDP
  13. I've already used this steps, but it's installing mono 6.12 and I'm searching for 6.8... I tried use "sudo docker run -d -t -p 5400:5400/udp mono:6.8.0" but stucks in "Loading"
  14. Oh, ya my mono is in v6.12 and I'm using arm64 ubuntu... Trying to figure out how can I install mono 6.8
  15. Hello guys! Well, I'm using a Canonical Ubuntu 20.04, installed mono and done everything needed to run the server. But I still getting this error, anyone knows what should I do? Thanks!
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