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  1. Shenmue's post in [Packets] int value was marked as the answer   
    I guess you have created a code to send the packet, but have you created one to handle it?
    You can go to the official tutorial about Networking in Intersect Engine by clicking on the link below.
    Go to the tutorial about Networking
  2. Shenmue's post in Adding damage types was marked as the answer   
    You also have to add new values in "Intersect.Enums.DamageType" and to add new "cases" in the "switch (damageType)" of the "Attack" method of "Intersect.Server.Entites.Entity" (near line 1730).
    I think damage types are only useful if you want to use different damage formulas and/or colors.
    So you will probably want to add new values in "Intersect.Server.General.Formulas" and "Intersect.CustomColors.CombatNamespace".
  3. Shenmue's post in Folder Organization in Editor was marked as the answer   
    In the map Editor, you can drag it out of the folder in order to deplace it. But for other kind of editor like the Item one, you have to select the folder you want it to be. If you don't want it to be on any folder, you can select the empty option.

  4. Shenmue's post in Someone help me convert this calculation to C #.? was marked as the answer   
    Answer below
    (int)(10 * A14 + (decimal)Math.Pow(1.5, 2.2) + 250 * (decimal)Math.Pow((double)(A14/20), 4))  
  5. Shenmue's post in Help Please! was marked as the answer   
    Looks like everything is fine on the second picture. I guess you have images in the "resources/tilesets"? You mean when you have a selected tile + the pencil option and you click on the map editor nothing happen? 
  6. Shenmue's post in Increase movement speed by increasing level was marked as the answer   
    Oh ok, equations in parenthesis are done first so you need to remove the ones between "1.5 - Level".
    Something like this should work: "var time = (float)(1000f / 1.5 - Level);"
    Actually I am the one who came up with the parenthesis first lol. I thought you wanted to do it that way.
  7. Shenmue's post in How to make a player show attack frame while is moving? was marked as the answer   
    You can go on the "UpdateSpriteAninmation" method in "Intersect.Client.Entities.Entity" and move the code block related to attacking before the one of moving. Something like the code below should work.
    if (AttackTimer > Globals.System.GetTimeMs()) //Attacking { ... } else if (IsMoving) { ... }  
  8. Shenmue's post in Jerky movement was marked as the answer   
    I think Offset are related to the fluidity of screen movement. To have a smooth fall you would probably need to play with these. So I suppose (like you did) if the player fall two tiles down and one tile right, OffsetY should be two times inferior (or superior) to OffsetX.
    Maybe you could try tmpY += 1 and tmpX += 0.5? Like that for one deplacement the player will move just by one tile max and x value would be always at the right place.
  9. Shenmue's post in just to know was marked as the answer   
    By showing it you mean send a patch on source modification? Better wait for a stable build I guess.
  10. Shenmue's post in Weird left/right attack rubberbanding (custom anims) was marked as the answer   
    You should only set one sprite animation for each action and one action should be dominant on other. For example attack frame could have more priority so when the player move and attack, only attack frame is displayed. Right now it looks like animation sprite switch between both. You should check your if condition to see if everything is fine.
    Knowing this could be helpful too:
    There is a small lap of time where the character stop walking and when he does stop walking, the default sprite animation is set (it could be the kick one on this case). The idle timer variable can help on this I think.
  11. Shenmue's post in How to generate diagonal values with the Npc pathfinder was marked as the answer   
    Solution found. Have to configure more possibilities to "StoreNeighborNodes" methode in "Server/Entities/Pathfinding/SpatialAStar.cs" and the same for GetMove() methode in "Server/Entities/Pathfinding/Pathfinder.cs"
  12. Shenmue's post in Doubt about new sources... was marked as the answer   
    Well, I am not an expert too, but actually you don't really download different versions of the source. It's more like downloading different parts/branches of it. When you do so, you will have to modify only if there is conflict between the your actual code and the one you want to add.
    You can find more explanation in the official AGD developer tutorial (merging section): https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/modify/merging.html
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