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  1. Is this just for me? *No problem with firewall *No problem with ports How can i fix it?
  2. If you just make a video of your screen, step by step (installing everything), will help a lot... Pls save me lol
  3. can you or someone make a video? will help a lot!
  4. do you have any plans to add shop?
  5. anyway, i will wait for the mod stay more clean
  6. I mean, the entity was aggressive but it just stood still. Strange is because the cow was in the middle of some rocks and trees, and she was low on life, so she tried to escape, but she just kept walking around in totally buggy circles. sorry, i cant send gifs at moment
  7. I don't know if this bug is from the jc or the mod, but the entities are strange when they are going to dodge things to escape, and I noticed that an entity just stopped being aggressive
  8. walking in diagonal is more fast
  9. I fixed it, but now I can't attack diagonally, I can only attack diagonally if I click the 2 buttons to go diagonally while holding to attack
  10. if i click here, then will update right? if so, yes, i have the latest version
  11. am i doing something wrong?
  12. cool, thanks for this modification, one last question (i'm new to this), if you release an update, and i already have this mod in my build, how do i update it? would I have to take the mod out and put it back in?
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