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  1. when im trying to open intersect 4.9 client it opens wefault.exe how can i fix? - i tried to download NET. Framework 4.6+
    Its so good for enviorment music. I liked it!
  2. Which programs are needed for open the intersect client? some people cant openning the game nothing showing..
  3. Its sometimes easily click some times hard to click im looking for create a code for TAB clicking TAB and auto select closest monster
  4. I released my server but players cant clicking the mobs and npcs easily pls help i can update client codes too which codes am i should fix ? im using dnspy for reach the code
  5. No, random. But maybe it can be soft
  6. Hello guys, Im looking for gui icons.. -inventory -friendlist -party -spells -quests -character -options -exit
  7. I Found. <HotbarLabelx> <Bounds>26,19,7,15</Bounds> ty
  8. How can i fix this 2 number in hotbar
  9. i think its because your monster is 3x3 find 4x4 or do it 4x4 with VXToXP converters
  10. ARBG is not working. Only red color is showing. i changed to 255,0,255,0 and that dot is gone. i cant see textures too
  11. How can i change that red dot icon ? or text.
  12. is there any way to change red dot resource when equipped item?
  13. I think theres a way to do it. Because theres a 2-Hand option in editor. So example: when we are equipping a sword we cant equipping shield. I think we can edit that option and when equipping costume cant equip armor ??
  14. I created 1 more slot for equipment. I have armor and costume equipment slots. Can i disable rendering armor when equipped a costume? Because my armors are like with cloak. When im wearing costume im seeing both of them in same time and this is like buggy.. and annoying. pls help thx
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