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  1. Fixed! I was wondering if there's any way to create pages that doesn't show on game or wiki category... Edit: Finally I managed to make everything work 100% and made some changes to the layout
  2. I followed all the steps on my host and ended up getting like this, any idea why? Register, login, server status works fine!
  3. So, I tried to use cleanse but i think i found a bug, if it isn't please help me to understand how it works... I created a spell that transform player and change status as here: Then I made other skill to clean the effect of transformation returning to original visual and status When i use it removes the transformation but still with status changed until time ends. How i resolve that? Thanks!
  4. For some reason i moved updater to gui folder, now worked but i got this I'm running on local host
  5. I tried to use launcher hosting xampp on localhost but i got this, what can be?
  6. Hey, i'm merging some mods and got this... I tried some ways to resolve the conflict but not success!
  7. I was in development... With this patch worked! Thanks
  8. I'm gettin error with build EDIT: With a new empty development branch worked!
  9. I started to study and think how main menu will be... Main menu: Login: Register:
  10. There's any way to the event continue just after click on image? Example: Show image (click to close) set variable (daily reward recived true) And the "set variable" just happen after clicked on image!
  11. I tried to use the last patch to "Diagonal Projectiles" and "Autohit" but i got this errors: The last release of both are the fix in the first post?
  12. Hey, i tried to install base and updates and got this error: The same issue whithout --check
  13. Oh, sorry I downloaded the last version but it didn't go to the right directory and I ended up using the old version again! Now i'ts working!
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