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  1. You edited the gui\layouts\game\ItemDescWindowExpanded.json ? The last number on the first bounds should be the height value. If that edit does not reflect in the game then it will require a source edit.
  2. It’s come to my attention that font preview is bugged, I’ll be fixing this soon
  3. Then you’ll need to edit the source.
  4. Yeah, set conditions within the event, you can do conditional statements, such as if playerVariableX >= Y then open crafting menu. you’ll have to set up the crafting exp for a skill level yourself as this doesn’t come default in the game which is why I referenced a player variable.
  5. They’re making an rpg using rpg maker and some plugins, this is not something made with intersect.
  6. This error will pop up if there is a bad response from the API but it’s not something to generally worry about unless it is keeping you from doing something. Giving or taking items has not been completed, along with users inventory and bank etc. This tool is very much still a work in progress.
  7. Thanks I’ll update it to read as a long rather than int32
  8. This is a fairly simple modification, what source version are you using?
  9. The token is retrieved automatically upon login. So basically Open the API configuration (located at server/resources/config/api.config.json) Set the Enabled field to true Then in the server console type: api [name] true (replace [name] with the username of the account you want to grant API access to. Then you need to type this in the console: apigrant [username] [role] (replace [username] with the username of the account you want to give the role to) (replace [role] with users.query) do this again with the role users.manage Once you do this, open the tool and it should connect to the server, upon logging in with the account you granted access to the tool will send a request with the credentials of the account provided and if successful it will then return a token and store it in the settings. The tool will automatically refresh the token when it needs to if the tool is still up and running. If none of this is the issue it might be that the Server IP or Port is different from the default, to change this click the settings button on the login form and edit the required setting. If the issue still isnt solved I will have a better reply for you in a moment, I moved cross country and am currently downloading everything I need to test this and make sure it's still working and valid on my laptop. -Edit I was able to download v0.7.0.122 and the admin tool and everything seems to be working fine on my end. If I had to guess it's likely a server IP/PORT issue.
  10. This is likely due to the client setting the sizes during load times rather than reading the json, this happens with some json files.
  11. It does, you just need to enable api settings and then grant api access to a user, additionally you will need to grant api roles to the user afterwards. follow the api documentation on how to do this. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/api/v1/introduction/setup.html#enable-the-api
  12. Some values are set through the client source and ignore the json, this might be one but I’ll let somebody else talk on that as I don’t know enough.
  13. If its the same window as displayed in the main post then its the EventDialogWindow_3Responses.json, you can tell because it has three response buttons at the bottom. To change the main window size its really easy, you would just need to edit the Bounds, the bounds are set up like this, X, Y, WIDTH, HEIGHT so in this example i just need to change the last number to 294. You'll have to change a few positions of things to make it look right but im sure you can figure it out from there.
  14. Ok, quick and dirty, this will cover making an item as well just because its part of the process and others might benefit from knowing how. Open the editor and the first thing you are going to want to do is click "Game Editors" > "Item Editor" Once the item editor opens, Create new item Select the new item on the list Edit the items information (icon, name, etc) Save item Now there are multiple ways to get the item into the game for you character to use, Monster drops Shop sells item Random item spawn Quest loot Etc. Ill be covering two basic methods but this will give you an idea of how to use the event editor system. First is the shops. Open the shop editor with "Game Editors" > "Shop Editor" Once the shop editor opens, Create a new shop Select new shop from list Edit shop information (name etc) Add items to sell (the item we just made maybe?) Click the "Add Selected" button to add it to the list Save the shop The next step is to do something with this shop or item to get it in the game, so for that we need to start editing the events. Under map layers, select the "Events" tab. Once selected, double click any square on the map to add an event (this is where the shop will go for example). Once the event editor opens, Name the event Set conditions, sprite for the npc, etc Double click the command line (or right click) and add a new command Scroll down and find the "Shop and Bank" node, then double click "Open Shop" Select the shop from the drop down and click ok. Finally save the event. Alternatively, you can just set the event to give the player the item Take some time to explore the events and see what all is possible.
  15. Their screen resolution isnt big enough to see the bottom. And the button isnt within the scroll bars.
  16. OniSensei

    Admin Tool

    Hello again, so I was making an admin tool for myself and decided to just share it. It uses the API to fetch and change data withing your game server. This is also far from completed and may very well be buggy. Thanks xD Preview: Download: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-Admin/releases/download/ Source: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-Admin Read the readme for more information.
  17. Since ive seen a few people that don't quite understand how to patch their source with the github patch files I thought I would do a quick rundown. This is a quick and dirty tutorial if you have questions feel free to let me know, ill try to answer them to the best of my ability.
  18. So the paper dolls are loaded via the MonoContentManager.cs when the server is started via the LoadTextureGroup function. (I believe) The client will load the paper doll a couple times; Entity box Character window On map etc So as far as server performance you should be fine. I have heard that leafling has had up to about 150-200 players online at once and they use i think 5 paper dolls per character and since then there have been performance upgrades. I'm not to sure what you mean by; I want to say one sword paper doll between two players acts the same in context to server performance. Meaning since the server loads all the paper doll images at startup. I am confused by the last part though, 30 different weapon paper dolls between two players would mean each has 15 weapons equiped at once..?
  19. It would definitely be different. But yeah you would definitely need to make it so the editor only shows maps they have made then on the editor, but like in the events they can warp to any map in the server. Then they load the client and it would bring them to a hub, maybe set a command to teleport them to their default map or something, and go from there idk. It sounds doable with some edits.
  20. Since i had to re-read this like 5 times let me just make sure im understanding what your saying lol. By "gamify the editor client" you mean, the intersect editor.exe yes? In my mind with how you explained it im seeing something like you load up the editor as a game, a sandbox build your own maps kind of game, and when you "debug" your map you "play it" and because you're all connected to the same server you share your maps with everybody and they can play yours, you can play theirs. If this is what you were saying then yeah I could see something like that, would take some heavy edits but it could work. Essentially you could distribute the editor with the client. Crowd source resources over time from your users etc to distribute with the editor and the client so there are a lot of tile sets to choose from. You would need to add more levels of permissions on the editor so they can only edit maps, not items or other things if that matters, you would prob want to add some permission checks to make it so they can only edit maps created by them etc, this is where the majority of the edits would come into play I think. You would need to basically work out a system to create, edit, and share the maps, to prevent griefers etc.
  21. Sorry for double posting but just wanted to highlight there has been a small update. Thanks to @Weylon Santana 's feature requests there have been a few updates to the over all use-ability. The textbox that contains the value you are editing no longer resets after updating, as well as the selected node in the treeview, this enables faster and more frequent edits. Additionally, I enabled the text editor, edits within the editor will now show up on the visual panel as well as update the treeview. Finally I added a few tips, when you select a node on the treeview the status bar at the bottom will reflect a tip on what the values mean to give newer users a more in depth idea of what they are changing. More tips will come, as I only added the few I am particularly knowledgeable about and would love to crowd source anything you guys think would be valuable tips. The main post has already been updated with the new version download, and the repo is always up to date.
  22. Oh yeah its quite easy. Keep in mind I use time fantasy tiles at 48x48 but i dont think it should be any different. A normal un-animated auto tile sheet looks like this: An animated sheet, would have 3 sets of this auto tile, with three different frames: In the editor, load the tileset with the animated auto tiles (put it in your tilesets folder) and select Animated [VX Format] (or whatever format your tiles are in, this example is VX, refer to RPGMAKER) You can see the white border selected all three frames, now just use what ever tool to add them to whatever layer on the map.
  23. Tile size shouldn’t matter, you set the tile size in the settings and it will just splice the tile set into the correct tiles for that setting. Just make sure your autotiles are set up correctly to be used property in the editor.
  24. Thanks! It’s just sloppy, I wanted to get something functional to begin with, I can clean up the json deserialization a lot among other things.
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