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  1. defaultx

    [wip] Dungeons of Epic Loot!

    I am currently migrating hosts so the site and servers are down for a while until i finish the setup again.
  2. defaultx

    Intersect Beta 5 Release Plans - Updated!

    shroom quest doesnt update when killing them qq...
  3. defaultx

    Defense not functioning properly?

    theyre all modified versions of what comes with the default client, mine is pretty different from yours.
  4. defaultx

    Defense not functioning properly?

    Here are my formulas. <PhysicalDamage>Random((BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (V_Defense * 0.0255), (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor * 1.2) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (V_Defense * 0.0255))</PhysicalDamage> <MagicDamage>Random((BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (V_MagicResist * 0.0255), (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor * 1.2) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (V_MagicResist * 0.0255))</MagicDamage> <TrueDamage>Random((BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (0.0255), (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor * 1.5) - (BaseDamage + ScalingStat * ScaleFactor * CritFactor) * (0.0255))</TrueDamage> And i am unsure of the NPC's regenerating health really quickly sorry.
  5. defaultx

    Defense not functioning properly?

    if your stats are low you wont see much difference if at all in the damage done/recieved, with low stats you need a dmg modifier of at least 10 or more to see a difference.
  6. defaultx

    Attack sounds?

    You can attach a sound effect to an item, and u can technically add events that play sound effects for like punching a wall or tree for example. When you pickup items it doesnt send to chat box but if you give an item through an event you can send a message to the chat box.
  7. defaultx

    Unstealth a stealthed player?

    The extra effects are on a duration. You would need to wait the timer out, normally when you target them it will show the status icon of whatever spell made them stealth and it should be counting down
  8. defaultx


    Hi, wrong section. Please post in sugestions as this is not a help topic. Source is released in B5 add them yourself then. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/bug_tracker/intersect/
  9. defaultx

    need help with quests!

    Alight ill try to make this as easy as possible... First lets look at a basic kill x monsters and return to npc for this i use these settings. Next we need to make the NPC that gives the quest, in this case its the same npc we return to. Create an event somewhere on your map. These are my settings. You can see the level requirment is for the first page, since the quest requires level 2 or higher we make it so they have to be 2 or higher, the first page is a placeholder before the quest can be started. Page 2 has a requirment that checks the quest requirment, and you can see if it can run the page then it will show the quest window with the start quest command. On the next page we set up the progress text So if theyre still working on the quest the npc tells them to hop to it! Next we make it complete the quest. As you can see, the requirment is that theyre quest progress is set to retun to farmer the event driven part. In the event we do a conditional branch to check progress and if yes then we give the rewards, the rest is just if you want to display what they got. Dont forget to add the complete quest and end quest to the event. The quest markers are another story and there is a tutorial on this forum for it, i will link it in a min. -edit
  10. defaultx


    Example: http://doelmmo.com/index.php?op=ranking <?PHP $DBConnect = new PDO('sqlite:resources/intersect.db'); $sql = $DBConnect->query("SELECT * from characters WHERE deleted='0' ORDER BY level DESC LIMIT 10"); while ($row = $sql->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) { echo "<tr align=center >"; echo "<td class='letterpresssmall'>"; echo $row['level']; echo "</td><td class='letterpresssmall'>"; echo $row['name']; echo "</td><td class='letterpresssmall'>"; echo include ('functions/class.php'); echo "</td></tr>"; } ?>
  11. defaultx

    Click Problem

    -Edit Sorry i just experienced what your talking about Literally when you go into a map, sometimes the monsters cant be clicked at all, you can see the target hover over the monster, but clicking does not select the monster, you have to walk out of the map and back in again to fix it.
  12. defaultx

    Animating tiles properly?

    I believe we already answered this question in the last thread you made here:
  13. defaultx

    adding resources

    Please read the last sentence of my last post. if the editor is open when you put the sprite images into the resources folder you will need to restart the editor for it to load the files properly.
  14. defaultx

    adding resources

    First thing you want to do is boot up the intersect editor and login to your server. Then navigate to the Game Editors menu item in the top left and select Resource Editor In the Resource Editor window that pops up, click the new file button located in the top left of the window Then select the new resource in the tree view located on the left of the window The rest should be pretty self explanitory. You will need to add an item that is a tool type for what you are trying to do, for example, a tree will prob be an axe. The initial graphic is the tree, the exhausted would be the stump. Play around with the duration, and hp settings to get it how you would like. In order for the editor to load the resource sprites you will need to place them inside the client/resources/resources folder. Good luck!
  15. defaultx

    Paperdoll priority sprite?

    This is the <equipment> section of my config.xml Please note that this will in turn add boxes into your character window and adda scroll bar, i modified my character window through the client/resources/gui/InGame.xml changing the image, the image size, and bounds and other such things to make it appear how i wanted.