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  1. This seems great. A mobile version or crossplatform would do really well on the market. Huge power vacuum to fill for a popular non-pay to win 2d mmorpg sandbox.
  2. UPDATE - Have managed to fix the built-in packaging processor. But the update.json file remains elusive & at large. Recommend to do not approach - considered armed & dangerous. Could I please request a way of compiling the client package without the editor in it? Cheers.
  3. Yes I have a backup version, although that one seems to display the same problem & i'm unsure as to why. Even tried opening a fresh intersect client - But there was no update.json file to be found.
  4. HI there, I've attempted to package my client without the editor in the package, but I must have deleted the wrong part in the code from the update.json file. I'm now unable to find the update.json file in my original intersect project folder & now receive the attached error when trying to package. Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks.
  5. Yeah sorry, found it a little while ago. Forgot to update. Thank you for replying though.
  6. Hi there, Where can I set the map type for particular maps? Such as pvp with loot zone, arena zone with no loot drop, safe zone etc? Any direction towards this would be helpful thanks.
  7. Thanks for that. That seemed to work just well. It's set up like this now -
  8. HI there, Been tinkering a bit more with the quest & event system. Struggling to create successful "Conditional Branch - If Quest is completed, then next quest can begin". I can get the first two quests of the same npc event to work with this conditional branch, but upon the third quest, the conditional branch does not get applied. It automatically opens the quest regardless of completing the second quest. Could someone please help or explain this to me in a little further detail of what I may be doing wrong? Cheers.
  9. Yes thanks, I was just watching closely toward the French tutorial on the event system regarding "Fedex" quests. I'll take more time to study it & try to emulate the same results. Thank you for replying.
  10. Hi there, A little new to the Intersect engine, have been tinkering and can't seem to figure out how to attach a quest to an NPC as the questgiver. Could someone please give an example or show me of a way to complete this? Cheers.
  11. For further information regarding the issue - I'm able to create an account, log in & use the editor with administrator account. It says outside connections are unable to join.
  12. Hi there, Having a small issue regarding Upnp initialization. I'm thinking it is because I run my internet via a hotspot from my phone. I don't have access where I am to a wired connection with a router. I have attached a photo for further details - if anyone is able to help assist.
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