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  1. Roy

    Arcane Waters

    I'm talking about the turn based for ground combat
  2. Roy

    Arcane Waters

    Looks beautiful and fun, but sadly I don't like that battle system ;w; thanks for sharing it tho, I'm sure it will inspire many people!
  3. Added a 'Poof' animation & a 'Staff' weapon.
  4. Roy

    Real life photos

    Maybe he uses tons of sunscreen like I do lol
  5. Roy


    Ooooooh I love it!
  6. Just updated the post with the logo, two small animations and a mount.
  7. Ooh this is great! thank you
  8. Thank you guys! I'm glad you all like it!
  9. Haha thank you! and yeah mine is too
  10. Thank you! I wanted to upload a gif but for some reason it says I can't because of the 'Max total size limit' (?)
  11. Just updated the graphics of the game!
  12. Roy

    Moving Character Name

    Uhhh It would be nice to be able to move the character name to the Bottom as well
  13. Roy

    duda grande

    Hola, No conozco esos juegos pero si te refieres a crear bandos con cierta raza, Yo creo que si, ya que crearías la raza como una 'clase' y crearías un mapa inicial para cada bando.