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  1. New gui

    Looks great!
  2. Question about Unity?

    Thanks, but now I'm using Photoshop and After Effects to create the animations.
  3. Concept Illumina Project

    Looks cute!
  4. Question about Unity?

    I made a game skill effect in Unity 2D and wanted to convert/export it into a sprite sheet. But apparently there's no way
  5. Question about Unity?

    Thanks!, but apparently there's no way to do it. I guess I'll have to find another software
  6. Question about Unity?

    Hi, I don't know if this is in the right place , but I'm new using Unity and I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's a way to export an animation as a sprite sheet. Thank you!
  7. Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Magnificent! Love this Jcnification aha
  8. Intersect Beta 4.7 Released!

    Thank you for fixing the panorama thing, It looked so ugly without it
  9. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When trying to select a panorama, Intersect is not letting it and it comes back to 'None'. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
  10. Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    Sweet! Thanks!
  11. Make a Dummy NPC?

    Yeah, that's what I did
  12. Make a Dummy NPC?

    I will try these and if they don't work the way I want it, I'm just going to make random basic monsters instead. Thank you!