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  1. Level UP Formula

    Depends on your games level cap and how you want leveling progression to work. There isn't one universal formula that'll work on every game.
  2. Arcwyre Save Arcwyre!

    "Don't mention it!" "Literally. Don't mention it."
  3. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    Feel free to use either of these, only two WIP screenshots of my game I have.
  4. AGD Gaming Nights

    discord >> @panda @Cap'n Crest
  5. AGD Gaming Nights

    I'm game
  6. Did more GUI stuff today (image)mdJaS6r.png

  7. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    Thanks man. My pixel art isn't amazing but I'm working on improving it.
  8. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    Thank you!
  9. Farming System

    You could implement systems like this yourself using Intersect's event system. There are guides on how to start using it on the forums if you look for them.
  10. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    Could've sworn I replied to this when I liked it, my bad. Thanks! I'll go more into the lore in the future once the game is a bit more developed along but I like to have a preface to make the world seem a little bigger and the player's actions to have motives, etc outside of just leveling and getting loot.
  11. Got it. Looks like our work here is done
  12. It appears, to me at least, that having more than one /command as a common event breaks all your /commands? I haven't used the event system a lot so maybe I'm doing something wrong. (make sure to turn on HD in the bottom right gif settings if it looks terrible)
  13. I set my power level to 0 in that gif and it still showed the message. What does your event look like?
  14. Works fine for me. Are you sure you're on 4.2?