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  1. Very nice, really like the dark theme and glad to see we're getting some documentation.
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies! I'll be sure to follow all the advice.
  3. So now formulas are out for Intersect but I still have no idea how to properly balance combat related content. Is there some sort of calculator or guide I can use to do so effectively?
  4. Impressive for your first try!
  5. Haha I'm exactly the same way.
  6. Here's my setup. If you haven't noticed, I really like LEDs.
  7. Would be very cool to see this happen but it seems a bit early to announce it seeing as none of the features are even at 10% yet. Regardless I'm excited to see more!
  8. Basically impossible until Intersect's source is available. Although I imagine once it is someone will make an attempt.
  9. Really excited with how many updates Intersect has been getting lately. :)

  10. Really interesting concept. The ability to hide layers will definitely be useful.
  11. Haven't gotten to much time to work lately but here's what I have. I have also decided I am definitely re-doing the mountain to make it actually look like a mountain haha. I'll probably transform it in to some kind of dungeon as well. Anyway after I wrap up working on the mountain I'm going to be done with the map for the time being. I'd like to focus on getting combat related stuff going. Once that's all sorted out I'll make the first deadfrost zone and place a few random dungeons around. The city in the top right will probably be one of the last things I work on before release. I'd like that area to be a hub for activities such as skilling, trading, etc. I'm waiting for open source to happen so I know how to lay it out since I may add or remove some features. Anyway here's a screenshot!
  12. So excited formulas are being released. Would really like to start creating some combat oriented gameplay in my game.
  13. Looks fantastic, very excited to play this in the future.
  14. This is great! Have enjoyed your music since you first started posting here and glad to see you're creating more awesome content for us to use.