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  1. Concept

    Well, since I am the one who directed you here I am just going to warn you that this thread is almost a year old so it could be considered necro posting. Which is against the rules so just be careful lol. Anyways, yeah a side scroller could work but it would have to be a very simple side scroller. Considering atm players can not walk through npcs or monsters and, well, the lack of the ability to jump.
  2. I've actually did this a little myself. Here's the thread if interested
  3. It looks like you haven't set the projectiles starting point/firing point on the editor. in the editor where the arrows and the S is, that's where you need to set it up. The S in the editor is where the position of the player is and the editor automatically assumes the player is facing upwards. So what you need to do I see click on the arrow directly above the S and I think that should work. It has has been awhile since I've messed with the projectile editor myself but I believe that this should help you at least get a better idea of what to do.
  4. Looks like an interesting tool. Once I get my computer back I'll be sure to check this out. And btw, nice to see you back here again!
  5. Graphics

    The last map looks way too much like rpg maker for my taste, but, I am also a much bigger fan of the retro style art anyways.
  6. Graphics

    Well, I have to go with 1 as well. I personally only choose 1 because it looks more unique. The second one looks way to much like pokemon but if that's what you're aiming for then I guess 2 works. I've always just been more of a fan of unique art, even if it isn't professional quality. Hope that makes sense...
  7. Sorry to say this but I doubt you will find much, if any, support for this engine. As Sky has said, I would recommend using the intersect source code. also, next time please just edit your first post instead of double posting. It is against the rules. Thanks in advance.
  8. Arcwyre

    Looking good! I've got to know though, did you make that logo and the neat looking side bar things? If so, you really need to show me how to do that!
  9. Nice tutorial. It's set out in a nice and easy to follow way and I think this will definitely help people who may be new to the event system.
  10. Y'all know me. I'm the same old Z. In all seriousness I look forward to working with everyone! AGD is a great community and I'm hoping to help keep it that way!
  11. Had to go to court on 4/20. Can anyone guess why?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Draken


      Speeding ticket? 


    3. Zetasis


      Nah, Rob almost has it right lol. 

    4. Draken


      Ahh I never been in trouble with the law for it. then again i dont smoke anywhere but inside my own home. I dont even smoke outside encase someone might see / smell


  12. Oh don't worry. We have ways of knowing if a player is botting or not. And when we catch them they are punished.
  13. Yes, these are the sprites we we're going to use in nightmare but we also decided to release them to the community with Intersect. Edit: Also, I forgot to put a few up as well such as a mouse and female hair styles and few other things lol.
  14. So heres a preview of the sprites I have created for Intersect. Keep in mind that every clothing and armor piece you see here is included as paperdolls and can also be used in the character generator that is being developed. Just wanted to let everyone know how it has been going so far.
  15. Yes you can create a large seamless world with Interesect. What he means by the server/client loading 9 maps is that the 9 maps are loaded, in total, at one time. Example: o = Map you are on X = Maps you are not on XXX XoX XXX The reason it is like this is so that no matter what the world will appear seamless. Meaning there are no visible transitions when switching maps.