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  1. Had to go to court on 4/20. Can anyone guess why?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Draken


      Speeding ticket? 


    3. Zetasis


      Nah, Rob almost has it right lol. 

    4. Draken


      Ahh I never been in trouble with the law for it. then again i dont smoke anywhere but inside my own home. I dont even smoke outside encase someone might see / smell


  2. Oh don't worry. We have ways of knowing if a player is botting or not. And when we catch them they are punished.
  3. Yes, these are the sprites we we're going to use in nightmare but we also decided to release them to the community with Intersect. Edit: Also, I forgot to put a few up as well such as a mouse and female hair styles and few other things lol.
  4. So heres a preview of the sprites I have created for Intersect. Keep in mind that every clothing and armor piece you see here is included as paperdolls and can also be used in the character generator that is being developed. Just wanted to let everyone know how it has been going so far.
  5. Yes you can create a large seamless world with Interesect. What he means by the server/client loading 9 maps is that the 9 maps are loaded, in total, at one time. Example: o = Map you are on X = Maps you are not on XXX XoX XXX The reason it is like this is so that no matter what the world will appear seamless. Meaning there are no visible transitions when switching maps.
  6. Never would have guess Life Forge would be doing this well. Looks like hard work pays off after all. Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this amazing journey.

    1. EVOLV


      You guys are an inspiration to us all - very nice work and well-deserved!

    2. SPQR Panda

      SPQR Panda

      Chop chop graphics yo

    3. Ambard


      Well done indeed!

  7. Thanks for voicing your opinion. We will take all this into consideration and see what we can do to make it a better experience for you.
  8. Sorry, wasn't trying to go off topic. Just thought since he mentioned not being able to get VB6 I'd make a suggestion.
  9. Well considering Orion is programmed in visual studios, which is free, and intersect is coded in C#(?) there would be no need for VB6.
  10. Thank you all to everyone who helped us out by up voting Life Forge! It really means a lot to us.
  11. Thanks for the kind words @Henry. We're trying hard to make Life Forge a great game. Getting greenlight would help a ton so if you have the time feel free to up vote!
  12. Need Help

    Just curious, why exactly are you worried about encrypting your graphics when they are all readily available online? Anyways, good luck with your project. Have yet to see a DBZ game get made still.
  13. @DudeItsCorey Now that you mention it, it does! It even has a different frame around it. However, I'm sure @Niko is already planning on fixing both of. Still looks great and better then what I could do I'm sure.
  14. I think the icons look fine except for the scroll. If I had to guess I would say that it was going to change since it is the stock icon in intersect and the others have all been changed.
  15. I personally think the hotbar would look better without the blood but even with the blood it looks good. Just my opinion. Also, why isn't there blood on anything else except the hotbar? Just wondering if there was a reason.