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  1. Universal LPC Sprites

    I can't seem to wrap my head around why you'd think the engine is an epic fail. Not fast enough? Cry me a river. Not being open source is pretty easy concept to understand, they are still changing parts of the engine like crazy and don't wan't to release the source until its in a stable state. Once its open source anything you need to add you can yourself, lord.
  2. Generally what I mean is that if a developer puts the time and effort into a game, no matter what genre will usually keep my attention and provide good entertainment. I like genres with a bit of originality, take Last Day on Earth for example, its a mobile game thats much like Sims, Fallout, The Division, in a post-apocalyptic theme. The way they executed the game makes it feel like its totally own genre and because of the effort (like constant updates) creativity, it makes for an awesome game. Originality sticks out like a sore-thumb. You get a feel for the game and it would be a considerable difference. I'd say thats what would draw you towards THAT project rather than THIS one. The feeling that you've never done it before in a sort of way. Captures what you are loking for.
  3. Personally, when I see a 2D project all I'm looking for in a genre is originality and well-made gameplay. I'm a fan of many genres as long as its pulled off right. I think originality plays a huge part in a genre, almost as if any genre could be good, it just needs to be well-thought and then well-built.
  4. WIP Nimue

    New UI is exceptionally awesome man, one of my favorite projects here at Ascension.
  5. [WIP] 4 Good or Evil

    Thanks for the suggestion Kibz!! I also noticed I change the pattern sometimes. I’ll defintley clean it up but for now it’s a good start. Mapping is 1000x times easier with intersect.
  6. [WIP] 4 Good or Evil

    Thank you for the kind words I've decided to go with using Intersect, as I was toying with how far its advanced thus far and the source is around the corner. Without a further adue, I'll be overhauling most of the progress made so far entirely. The beginning of something great! I present to thee, Levonshire! Still unfinished, with a few errors. Critique still accepted!!
  7. [WIP] 4 Good or Evil

    I apologize in advance for the double post. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seemed to have more time on my hands, and I will be picking this project back up. I’ll have some things I’ve done to showcase new progress. Stick with us folks!!!
  8. Poetry Thread

    A place so sweet, so dear to them, friends and family alike among them, to tell of tall tales between foes and friends. Here lies an ancient burial grounds. So March across, and March they did, the children they ran, the woman they hid, scared of what mankind was to bring. Here lies an ancient burial grounds. The face of man was dirty and worn, a breed of evil awoke and was born, the guns they shattered and torn, everything they loved and adored. Here lies an ancient burial site. Killing Indians lol
  9. WIP DBZ Next Generation

    Looks very nice. Seems so many dragon. ball games, how exciting!!!
  10. WIP Starhaven

    Interesting! I love Murdocs art I'll definitely keep my eye on this.
  11. Was fun

    I really like this idea. My prayers go out to family and loved ones, what horrible news. You will be missed Dr.House. Rest in beautiful peace !!
  12. Was fun

    ;( so sad. Best of luck with your health!!! I hope you get better and we can see you once again some day!!!
  13. WIP Nimue

    I freaking love the art you have in this game man! That sword is beyond badass.
  14. Need choosing App Name

    Personally all of them fit what it does for a good name.