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  1. You should swap the gui stuff to use an sfml window + tgui... would be much better performance and allow for some nicer gui/theme-ing. TGUI has a form builder too so you could probably make use of that for easy-edits winforms style.
  2. You sound a little confused on how it works so i pmd u
  3. lol what are you talking about? theyd be compiled in the exe, the serialized file would just give them initialization instructions
  4. @MohenjoDaro You wouldnt need to loop controls if u just set them and the class they are contained in as public and use an XML Serializer >.>
  5. Ill only say this : The comment about the engine devs taking control away from the people isnt exactly true, every resource available to a game dev in the engine has to be created its not taken. To do any sort of systems as you are suggesting and not have a bigger hit to performance then they are worth is alot of times tricky or not a high enough demanded feature to be worth investing the work into, and most of the engines (Intersect is currently not included in this comment) are open source so if someone really has a problem with it, they can themselves or get someone else to change the systems as needed in the source itself... The control isnt taken away just has a higher skill req in 1 area.... A downside reguardless of the performance hit to having editors for stuff like that is the simpler game developers that alot of eclipse-style engines target, it adds more complexity to what really should be the simpler part of using an engine for those who just want to get in and make some maps so stuff starts happening. Its not a problem if you want to develop a toolset for an audience who isnt afraid of a bit more complexity tho and I wish you good luck on your project! @Underglow
  6. Nice tutorial... through lots of trial and error to get an understanding of EXACTLY how this stuff worked (I got the basics of serialization down in ASFW) i finally figured out how to impliment this dynamically into ASFW so in the latest ASFW you will be able to just use the Read/WriteObject commands and they will work over the network
  7. Latest Orion has the ability for players to make their own inputs now It places the config in MyDocuments till we get proper settings page for configuring them. In the Inputs module you can set the defaults (for source)
  8. uhh wot? ASFW has Serialization built in... just make the structure a serialized class and use ByteStreams Read/Write "Object" method. Orion uses my library for IO and Networking... I would have already implimented the database portion as serialized objects if it werent for the fact that serializing your object meens losing the ability to write a converter to save your data across structure changes...
  9. o.0 wtf? that shouldnt affect it at all If its the panel affecting it then its the SFML version and how the "Handle" works... and alot of different langs for sfml piggyback off of some of the different window libs so id imagine if an older version had a bug for handle grabs itd be fixed in a newer version at some point.
  10. I know what is wrong with it now @Damian666 and @Wing67. SFML actually has some wonky GL settings... Some versions they changed the version which can make a difference and they also dont do anything about texture sizes (Which can cause problems between different GFX cards as resolution support is different and the driver support can change slightly over different GL versions) and its REALLY bad... Its part of the reason why I support 2.0 all the way to 2.4 for SFML portable... You CAN try to fix it by swapping around the SFML portable version till something works (I think the latest drops support for some older crap GFX cards that might run DX/Eclipse fine but not the newer stuff) but if no version fixes the problem then its an incompatibility between your driver/GL support and how SFML lacks built in support for expanded textures (The resolution incompatibility). DirectX builds in a thing so you can basicly have infinitely sized textures as long as you got the ram and itll make virtual textures that it handles in the background (Made up from PARTS of the original image) to make up for them being too big.
  11. @Wing67 Im helping to solve this issue, in its current state I am unsure how much windows 10 would be affecting SFML as a library, but on Windows 7 this issue doesnt occur for sure. I have recently found some code that appears to be the cause -- the Camera tied to the map. If the coordinates arent matching up then it CAN cause this issue... especially since mouse coords and draw coords are linked to this cam. My assumption is that however the cam was being set was based on something that Windows 10 may produce different (incorrect) results for that windows 7 doesnt, however the removal of this camera system (We are about to test tomorrow) would hopefully correct it universally
  12. lol i thought it was posted november this year sorry mate xD
  13. SpiceyWolf

    SFML & Orion+

    EDIT: What they were asking was changing stuff in to SFML window over winforms they were under impression needed to be done... which what is NECESSARY was already done in Orion+ by damian666 or one of his helpers a while ago.
  14. there will be close to nothing to keep orion from running smooth if not full speed indefinitely on trash pc's once the engine is done being cleaned up.
  15. SpiceyWolf

    SFML & Orion+

    its not premature optimization, and a game with alot of features as orion + already has alone if theres just a few people on a map will need to process more packets than the loop will allow for in a second... meening packets are delayed to update or completely dropped. Thats only ONE issue out of many caused by force limiting the entire game as a whole to just 60 lps(just because fps) and even people using SFML with other languages have complained this is a major problem on smaller apps xD Its just a broken features of sfml you shouldnt use.
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