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Intersect Alpha 1.5 Released!

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Intersect Alpha 1.5 Released!

July 17th 2016


All updates are discussed in the following topics:


Upgrade Instructions (Required for 1.4 Alpha users!)

1. Delete your Servers config.xml file located at Server/Resources/Config.xml


Open that config file and find:


Under it add:


2. Overwrite your current 1.4 installation with all of the 1.5 files below.

3. Finally, navigate to your server folder and run the Intersect Migration Tool. It will find your database. Hit 'y' to start the upgrade process (don't fret, it will make a backup for you!). Once that finishes you are good to go!




Click here to visit the download page.

As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!

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So anyway I can get a break down of how this migration tool and updating works? Maybe a video or something? I'm just asking because I can not seem to figure it out for the life of me. Everything else looks awesome though. I'm loving the idea of being able to lock a class as well as assigning different sprite selections to both male and female. Nice work guys!

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Alright so a quick video walkthrough of the upgrade instructions.  Tagging @Zetasis


1. You start out with an existing version of 1.4. ("My Current Project" in the video) You open the server config file and add that text found in the OP.


2. Then you download 1.5. You open the zip archive and extract it's contents somewhere and then copy and paste them on top of your 1.4 files. (Don't worry, there is no risk to you data when you do this)


3. Finally you run the Intersect Migration tool and hit 'y' when prompted.


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