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WIP Wild Spirit Online [Permanent Stop]

Beast Boyz

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Current Staff


Game Designer  (And pretty much everything else)
-Beast Boyz









In Wild Spirit Online, players take on the role of guardian spirits protecting the world tree « Lifthrasil » and the numerous realms that compose it.


As their physical form is not enough to fight back, they used their magic and link with nature to develop the ability to shapeshift in differents kind of animals.


Each animals got a set of 5 skills ( 4 Normal and 1 Ultimate) and differents stats, these skills can be futher upgraded later in the game. Also, the player can unlock every animals shape and freely change form whenever he want.


Later in the game, players will be able to craft and find « Crystal Skills », you can « reveal » the random animal skill inside it and unlock it for your animal shape.
Some skills are rare and difficult to find, trade with people to get everything you need !


There will be 5 Tier of skill to unlock, the higher the level, the stronger the skill, but also the mana cost will rise too, your animal shape isn’t totally complete until you got all those upgrade, collect them all !


Also players will be able to buy custom skin and colors for their animals by buying Spiritual Amber (The premium money) it’s the only thing available with « real money », players who do not wish to buy can still trade Spiritual Amber with other to get their skin.


It’s not the only way to get skin, some events and bosses will drop some too ! Even unique or very rare one.


To strengthen themself, spirits do not use armors or weapons, instead they do use « Cores », « Mask » and differents kind of stuff.


There is a lot of differents cores and each realms offer his own set of cores, each one providing different kind of stats and bonus.


Masks give you a few stats but also and foremost, a new skill to complete your animal kit !

When crafted, Maks are « blank » and must be « Impregnated » using components, since there is different kind of mask you will have to collect them all if you want to have every skills at your disposition.


Players can engage in Crafting activity and master them in a long term way. Harvesting and Crafting are core key features of the game.


Exploring the 7 realms will allow the players to work together toward server objectives.








-          Nice and complex 2D Graphics made by Szadi art and some modified for our use. Musics are made by Peritune, a very qualitative free licence music creator.


-          A Story with a different point of view, seek balance and bring peace to « civilised » races.


-          Explore an original Universe with his own races, enemies and a large panel of environments.


-          Built to last : Climb the level up to level 50 and more as new chapter get released, several years of content already planned and scaled.


-          Unique Shapeshifting Mecanics : Unlock all the Animals ! 7 Available at first, 28 to unlock. Adapt your play style to your liking by unlocking them all ! Secret Animals to unlock ? Maybe...


-          Large choice of itemisation : 5 different core and 7 realm = 35 Combinable items, upgrade your core up from Tier 1 to Tier 10, never throw anything as everything have an utility !


-          Upgrade your animals skills with our « Crystal Skill » reveal system ! Hundreds to collect !


-          Craft and use different Masks to expand your skill choice, rarer mask with strong power can be earned too…


-          Learn all about the 3 Harvesting Job and 3 Crafting Job with their extensive Mastery system.


-          Explore the 7 realms and help Kaminhall growth strong ! 


-          Leave your mark and show the community your creative skills, Competition of all kind will be organized : Story, Skin creation contest, artwork, events… Show us what you’re made of, win prizes and see your creation integrated in the game.







The story of Wild Spirit Online revolve about the task of Guardian Spirit.

The initial part of the game is a non-linear travel between the differents realms to unravel mysteries, helping endangered tribes of animals, civilised races and understand the cause of problems.
Players are free to choose which realms to explore first and it’s in these realms that he will unlock every animals shape.




Stay a while and listen young spirit,


We were told by the elders that everything begin with a meeting… And our story is no different.


Our universe was born when the Seed of Creation came into contact with the Primal Mana Core.


From this seed was born the world tree, « Lifthrasil » our father.

From its branches different kingdoms sprouted and none was alike.

From the mana flowing in each realm, many living things were born.


And for a long time everything was good, the cycle of life was perfect and our world flawless…


But this peace wasn’t mean to last, intelligence was a poisoned gift for severals races and they were changed from it.


Time… changed them, Sometimes for good ... and at other times for worse…

Time… with enough of it, every intelligent races will try forbidden things and defy nature laws...

Time… was the enemy.

Now, as new threats are rising and begin to weight heavily on the balance of the cycle of life.


Only us, have the strength to achieve peace.

Only us, can support the load of this burden.

Only us, are able to restore the balance of the cycle of life


Rally a realm young spirit, protect Lifthrasil from those who would harm it, find the company of others and reveal your true potential.


Learn, Grow, Protect, but most importantly,


Live to the fullest.




Road Map



This road can be subject to change and is not to be taken as a « finished » products, also there is no timeline since everything can be delayed.


Actual State : Development Phase 1.  Planning and universe building is done, crafting is complete up to level 100.


Development phase 1


Level 1 - 10: Tutorial at Kaminhall. Choice of the original animal, explanation of basic lore, explanation of Cores, crafting and harvesting.


Level 10 - 20: First series of accessible area, unlocking of the first 7 Animals (7 minus 1 the initial one) Acces  to the first masks.


Closed Alpha test: Feedback and Adjustment


Development phase 2


Level 20 - 30: Second set of accessible area, unlocking 7 Other animals.

Level 30 - 40: Third set of accessible area, unlocking 7 Other animals.


Open Beta Test : Feedback and Adjustment


Development phase 3


Level 40 - 50: Fourth and last set of accessible area, unlocking of the 7 "last" animals.


Release V1


After the initial Release, the main story narration is build in different chapters : A total of 6 grand story with unique content and level cap rising.


No frustration here, all the Cores can be upgraded and you will never feel robbed of your precious equipment.


Each chapter contains 4 different phases with new quests, enemies,resources and progress in the main story.


Each month a new phase is realeased, at the « end » of the chapter a « Season Realm » that last 3 month is released. (This can be delayed depending on the advancement of the next Chapter/Phase)

Players will be able to find more resources inside it and level up faster to ready themselfs for the next chapter. Seasons realms also contain some exclusive rewards…








While in spirit form, the player is quite weak and have lower stats in everything, to shapeshift into another animal the player must go back in his original form and then he will be able to change to another shape.


At the begin of the game the player will be able to try the 7 seven starting animals shapes:

Dog, Cat, Lizard, Rabbit, Bird, Frog and Horse.


And he will have to choose one to start with. Later in the game he will be unlock every shape and change at will.


While progressing in the story and travelling between realms, the player will encounter differents “tribes” of animals and by helping them he will unlock new shape.


The final version of the game plan to offer more than 28 Shape to unlock from and some secret one.






You will not find most of the stuff directly dropped by enemies! You will have to acquire materials, craft and trade to strengthen yourself.


Everything is useful ! You can upgrade cores to their higher version and all ressources you gather will be of use, even in late game.


Also, to be able to master every craft and harvest, you will need the rare, valuable and personal "Spirits Knowledge" to learn new things. And the more you upgrade your masteries, the more you will need…


Harvest Job


1)     Miner

A skillful miner is capable of extracting every kind of minerals, the main materials used by Core Shapers.

2)     Herborist

The need for Differents kind of plants and herbs is growing stronger as spirits fight against bigger threats, herborists are there to provide these much needed materials.

3)     Archeologist

The past is full of mysteries, discovering these old secrets is a source of knowledge. Archeologist are also skilled retriever and can study different “technology” to gain different kind of material.


 Craft Job :


1) Core Shapers

 Use mainly Minerals, to make Cores and tool, these are the main gear used by Spirits to get stronger. (A full Gear is composed of Main Core, Offensive Core, Defensive Core, Head Core and Sub-Core)

2) Shaman

Use mainly Plants to make consumables, pills, Masks and other strange things to help you staying alive!

3) Crystallizer

Can transform his mana into ressources, craft Crystals Skills used to upgrade animals skills. He also can make Crystal of Portal to hasten travels and battle helping Elemental Crystals.






On the world tree Lifthrasil, players will be able to explore different kind of realms, beside their home Kaminhall, there will be 7 to explore.


o   Kaminhall : The Spirits Home.

o   Jungelheim: The Forests Realm.

o   Islefard : The Islands Realm.

o   Volkenheim : The Volcanic Realm

o   Snowingard : The Frozen Realm.

o   Mournelheim :  The Rock Realm.

o   Swamshard : The Toxic Realm.

o   Dessenheim : The Sun Realm.


To gain more bonuses and access, the players will engage in different kind of activity which will reward them with Growth Points: Daily Quests, PvP, Donation, Boss Kill, Events, etc…

With these points players will be able to develop the Spirit Realm.






Our Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbBcSAvX1dFG2_95ktM8CA/featured


Future Splash Screen (Done by Rem’s) :






Some prework drawing :







Some Screenshot :





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Looks very interesting! :26_nerd:
You can see the effort in that amazing mapping.

Note: that big tree, may have its pallete, border style and draw style kinda off from the rest of the nature around, is this intended? is there a dungeon inside it? :O want to see where this concept goes to already, keep up the nice work! :91_thumbsup:

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2 hours ago, Arufonsu said:

Looks very interesting! :26_nerd:
You can see the effort in that amazing mapping.

Note: that big tree, may have its pallete, border style and draw style kinda off from the rest of the nature around, is this intended? is there a dungeon inside it? :O want to see where this concept goes to already, keep up the nice work! :91_thumbsup:

It's a "placeholder" till a i get a better tree ^^ (It's actually a normal tree but x4 in size)

No dungeon inside, it's where you come from :-D

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1 hour ago, Weylon Santana said:

Woooow, how much is it, how many maps are there? How are these kingdoms going to work?

There is only 72 Maps, This place act as the "main hub"

You can find social place and event there, also Npc with quest, story and differents kind of service.

Whenever your character die, there is no xp/gold/etc penalty, but you will have to restart from there. (There is teleportation crystal available to craft, to speed up your coming back process)


Each "biomes" is the "Realm Hub & doorr" that lead to other realms, in these Mini hub you can "warp" to the realm, access others service, pledge alledgiance or socialise with other people, there willl be a variety of npc tied to those realms too.

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Dev Log :

Working on river building!  They are made of sap and they contain a lot of pure mana ! When it's solidifying it get it's orange color :




Here's some portal too :


They were constructed by the Ancient Spirits, before that spirits used  to travel by the sap of the tree and they can still do it.

But portal allowed easier and tireless travel for civilisated being, they are jealously guarded by each faction.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 5 months later...

Hello people,


Long time without an update !


This game will never be finished as i have no more time to work on it. 


But ! I want to preserve this universe and use it again in another game, i will probably work on something smaller which will use assets and the universe.


Thanks everybody for the journey here, i've discovered a lot along the way !


Bye bye until next time ;-)

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  • Beast Boyz changed the title to Wild Spirit Online [Permanent Stop]

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