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Dev Blog 9/4/2019 - Intersect API v1


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API v1



What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. The Intersect API will allow other applications to communicate, query for information, and even control aspects of your game. Just about any software can communicate with the Intersect API. That means developers can create control panels, web sites, mobile apps, and more with the capability of interacting with your Intersect server in real time.  Huge props to @panda for getting all of this working.



What does the API allow?

The API finally opens the doors to safely fetching and updating database information without crashing your server or risking the loss of data. You can retrieve data for maps, items, resources, projectiles, animations, etc, etc You can manage players, their inventories, player and global variable values, validate user passwords, create accounts, update email addresses and much much more. 



Why would I want this API?

For most of our users, the API will be too technical to work with directly, but we expect the developers here at AGD to integrate with the API and run with it. In the near future we should start seeing the creation of many tools such as:


  Visual server control panels

Cash shops

Leaderboard systems

Website login integrations

Viewing player stats online

and more!


I expect that developers utilizing the API will share these systems for the entire community. Even those with no programming background will benefit largely from the built in API.


How do I use the API?

The API is meant for developers. It is based on HTTP GET/POST calls transmitting json data back and forth. We have a full set of documentation written out and ready to go with instructions on how to enable the api, grant api permissions to accounts, and how to interact with the many endpoints we have available starting in B6:




 What's next?

There's not much left!  B6 just got shipped out for final testing.  105 bugs have already been reported and fixed within our private testing group.


We're making final release preparations now, and plans moving forward will be largely based on how well B6 is received. Here's to hoping for a smooth and stable release! ^^


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