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Big Credit to THOMAS for the engine and i added/modified features that i want in my game Resbak Online. 

There are lots of bugs that i fixed in Thomas engine, the first release in Prospekt (if my memory is right) but that  was 4 years ago and i forgot what i did. lolz


I think i should give credits to this people as well.

- Eclipse

- Skyward

- CMFiend (yeroC)

- Zetasis

- Chief (for the logo)

- Robin

- i don't own the images, tilesets, icons etc. credits to the respective owners. 


Feature List:

1. Day and Night

2. Right click menu on player to enable trade, guild and party

3. Moving Panoramas

4. 3 Characters per account

5. Guild system

6. Quest system

7. Bank system

8. Woodcutting, mining, fishing, crafting and alchemy

9. Style slash that will display when player attacks.

10. RPG ace NPC conversation

11. Shout Entire game if you kill a BOSS monster

12. Wings

13. Projectile System


and more..  ..... BUGS....












Sometimes its hard to let go what you have been working for years..


But failed to complete it.. and here is the..Source



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12 hours ago, BugSICK said:

@Damian666 yes you can.

@Marsh Thanks man.

@yeroC hahahaha never forget you. why change name?


You either man, we had good times! I changed my name because 1. I became a moderator and my previous name was pretty vulgar and 

2. I wanted to move away from Eclipse, where I made that username, so from now on my username is either yeroC or itZyeroC


:P Great to see you around though and thank you for the share!! Great engine for its day. 

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