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  1. "Translate French" Thank you for feedback There are a few starwars tileset I had to create several myself. I will redo the whole city soon. And yes good idea to properly report the buildings so that the players do not search too much I just finished the sprite and the animations in the 4 directions. I would do a video presenting all this and the new city as soon as possible.
  2. Hello community! Sorry I use google translate. I present to you my beginning of project on Star Wars. I'm developing a new sprite and presenting it to you in this short video. An old video also shows the city Mos Eisley being mapped. Thank you for your future feedback
  3. Version 1.0.0


    11 sprites New Race
  4. Version 1.5.0


    37 sprites manga BLEACH 24/08/2022 Add 4 sprites monsters HOLLOWS Ajouts 4 sprites monstres HOLLOWS
  5. Très beau projet, j'ai pu participer à la première session de test l'univers rend bien, l'idée des clones est très bien trouvé, ça ouvre à plein de perspective pour le jeu
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