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  1. I'm new around here, but could you use a Global Switch, changing it on the hour, to alternate your Swamp availability every two hours?
  2. Clever way to drop inventory on death?

    Awesome! Thanks for that!
  3. Clever way to drop inventory on death?

    I was looking through the event editor, but can't seem to figure this out. Is this even possible, or something I should wait for source code to implement?
  4. Base Stats Explained

    Thank you all so much. I'm going to update this post with more information to help others searching in the future. It may be a decent idea to put these videos in the official documentation, too.
  5. Base Stats Explained

    Can someone please explain the relationship among the base stats and how they affect combat? Without source code, it's difficult to dig into the details of all this. I know that eventually a robust answer will exist here, but until then, please help me understand what's going on. Specifically, I have no idea what the "Points" base stat does to a combat class. (But, I'd still appreciate a quick explanation over each of them). I will highlight the areas that I know the least about. As I can already infer: HP: Health Points. When health = 0, the player dies. Mana: Magic Points. Mana is spent when certain spells / abilities require it spent. If the player has < the amount of required Mana for an ability, they can no longer use that ability. Attack: Physical Power. Somehow calculates damage. Preferred usage on physical damage sources. Ability Power: Somehow calculates damage. Preferred usage on magical damage sources. Armor: Physical Resistance. Somehow calculates a resistance to "Attack" sources. Magical Resistance: Somehow calculates a resistance to "Ability Power" sources. Speed: Movement speed? Attack speed? Cast speed? Points: No idea. I appreciate any clarification you can offer. I also searched the forums and didn't find any explicit answers, so I figured I'd edit this as I gain replies to help others quickly find this information in the future (until the documentation is finished).
  6. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hi Ascension Game Dev community! My name is Will, 31 years old, & I have been making games for about 10 years (mods for 15 years). I most recently worked at Deep Silver Volition where I was an Agent Gameplay Designer on Agents of Mayhem, using Volition's proprietary technology to both design agents' combat kits and implement them (I was a gameplay programmer half of the time, really). I've worked on mobile games, simulations, AAA, and tons of modding / side projects since around 2002 (Warcraft III was my first modding kit). I currently work heavily in both Unity and Unreal 4 as my two main sources of income these days, but am joining this community because I would love to get a passion project of mine off of the ground with the Intersect Engine. Maybe there'll be some collaboration in the near future among us. I have kept my eye on this community off and on throughout the years, poking at Eclipse here and there. I have always wanted to work with a 2D mmorpg game engine, but none seemed to be mature enough for me to really dive in. I just discovered this community about a week ago, so I'm really excited to meet many of you, check out this newer engine written in C#, and hopefully add some sort of contribution moving forward. I currently teach game design on the undergraduate level & work for a VR start-up. Please feel free to introduce yourself via PM. I think we have a lot of potential here! Thanks for having me! -Fitzgerald_III