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Found 8 results

  1. Hickie

    General App software.

    does anyone know any free software for building mobile Apps. i want to make a small app for my motorbike club which allows members to log on and purchase an entry to be able to attend an event. which will then send their details to my database. Thanks in advance for any info.
  2. http://community.monogame.net/t/monogame-inside-your-web-browser/10918
  3. So I am currently trying to design the structures for entities in my game and have run into a little snag with how it calculates the max vitals for the vitals structure. The snag is that the formula needs EntityStats but EntityVitals does not have access to that, and I would prefer to keep it that way so I am not tossing references around the place. Here is my project structure for what I am working with. Data Entity - The entity object. Logic LogicEntities - The static class where my GetEntityMaxVital function will be. Strcutures EntityStat - A single entity stat structure. EntityStats - The structure that defines entity stats. EntityVital - A single entity vital structure. EntityVitals - The structure that defines entity vitals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -XerShade
  4. Ok so basically what I want to know is, let's say that when Intersect goes open source I clone it and make a bunch of changes. When Intersect gets updated is it possible for me to get the update while also keeping the changes that I have made on my end? If so how do conflicts get resolved in that case? Does it only depend on how smart and modular the code I've added is? I don't need some big explanation on how git works in general, just this piece of information if possible Thanks in advance!
  5. XerShade

    General Game Loops: Update & Draw

    So I have the game loop for my game coded here. I've been trying to figure out how to make Update() not get lagged out when Draw() takes it's time and slows the game out. Game Loops have always been a weak point so any help would be greatly appreciated. Source Code: https://gitlab.com/XerShade/Esmiylara.Online/blob/master/source/Esmiylara.Online.Client/Engine.cs using Esmiylara.Online.Client.Components; using System; using System.Threading; using System.Windows.Forms; using Timer = Esmiylara.Online.Client.Components.Timer; namespace Esmiylara.Online.Client { /// <summary> /// Esmiylara Online game engine. /// </summary> public partial class Engine { /// <summary> /// The game loop's thread. /// </summary> private static Thread LoopThread; /// <summary> /// Tells the engine if it should continue looping. /// </summary> private static bool DoLoop; /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopInitialize, called when the game loop is initialized. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopInitialize { add { GameLoop.GameLoopInitialize += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopInitialize -= value; } } /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopStart, called when the game loop is started. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopStart { add { GameLoop.GameLoopStart += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopStart -= value; } } /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopUpdate, called when the game loop is updated. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopUpdate { add { GameLoop.GameLoopUpdate += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopUpdate -= value; } } /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopDraw, called when the game loop is drawn. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopDraw { add { GameLoop.GameLoopDraw += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopDraw -= value; } } /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopStop, called when the game loop is stopped. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopStop { add { GameLoop.GameLoopStop += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopStop -= value; } } /// <summary> /// [Hook] GameLoopDispose, called when the game loop is disposed. /// </summary> public static event EventHandler<EventArgs> GameLoopDispose { add { GameLoop.GameLoopDispose += value; } remove { GameLoop.GameLoopDispose -= value; } } /// <summary> /// Runs the game engine. /// </summary> public static void Run() { // Call the loop method. Loop(); } /// <summary> /// Stops the game engine. /// </summary> public static void Stop() { // Tell the engine to stop looping. DoLoop = false; } /// <summary> /// Aborts the game engine thread. /// </summary> public static void Abort() { // Do the thing! LoopThread.Abort(); } /// <summary> /// The game engine loop function, do NOT call this directly. EVER. /// </summary> private static void Loop() { // Construct a new thread and assign the game code. LoopThread = new Thread(() => { // Tell the engine to loop. DoLoop = true; // Construct the game loop's variables. GameTime tick = new GameTime(); Timer tickUpdate = new Timer(1000 / 30); Timer tickDraw = new Timer(1000 / 30); // Initialize the game. GameLoop.Initialize(); // Start the game. GameLoop.Start(); // The game loop, simple for now. while (DoLoop) { // Update the GameTime object. tick.Update(); // Check to see if we need to update the game. if (tickUpdate.CheckInterval(tick.Value)) { // Update the game, do NOT draw any part of the game here. GameLoop.Update(tick); // Update the timer. tickUpdate.Update(tick.Value); } // Check to see if we need to draw the game. if (tickDraw.CheckInterval(tick.Value)) { // Draw the game, do NOT draw any part of the game here. GameLoop.Draw(tick); // Draw the timer. tickDraw.Update(tick.Value); } // Update the message pump. Application.DoEvents(); } // Stop the game. GameLoop.Stop(); // Dispose the game. GameLoop.Dispose(); }); LoopThread.Start(); } } }
  6. jcsnider

    General The Future Of Programming

    Programmers rule the world. We're dangerous. We kill people. The world depends on us in ways it doesn't yet understand, and in ways we don't yet understand. These are a few of the talking points by Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob) in the last few minutes of his talk titled "The Future of Programming". If you are interested in programming, or even if you aren't I highly recommend watching this. Share your thoughts below
  7. So, I made a tile-based system, but it has a bunch of bugs, all due to timing, like if you mash directions or some other funk stuff. I figured maybe you guys could help me understand the logic for how I should be doing it. Right now, these are the steps that my code goes through: If moving, go forward a pixel amount If no longer moving, find the next tile in the player's direction Stop on the next tile, which is the player's destination It seems like it should be that simple, but this is the first time I'm trying to make tile-based movement. Right now, it's pixel-based movement until you stop, at which time it will calculate your destination tile. Make sense? How would I do this properly?
  8. I'm wanting to get a general idea of what it would take to convert from using full tilesheets to single tiles. I figure something like this would allow for organization of the tiles, instead of several dozen sheets with some having the same tiles on them. This is probably not going to happen, but I am exploring all of my option before moving on.