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  1. Brilliant Migration went smoothly :D Time to try this out
  2. Hickie

    App software.

    Thanks very much guys, I will have a look at all your recommendations.
  3. does anyone know any free software for building mobile Apps. i want to make a small app for my motorbike club which allows members to log on and purchase an entry to be able to attend an event. which will then send their details to my database. Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. Is this something that could be implemented? My whole game is pvp accept for small safe zone areas, shops etc. If its to stay as it is i shall increase these areas to a full map means big shops or a lot of blocked area around them.
  5. Hickie

    Safe Zones

    Hello, Is it possible to set single tiles to safe zones instead of the whole 32 x 32 map. Thanks
  6. If you have a projectile with a knockback (mines currently set at 2) and you knockback a player through a warp. It will crash their client.
  7. Ah ok never mind then, was just a thought. =D
  8. Hi A lot of people are waiting for the source to be released to do unique things which have not yet been developed. However the majority of us won't understand how to do what we want to do or know how to make the alterations we require. I had a thought to possibly adding a scripter section to the common event editor. This would be C# editor were we can write our own unique scripts which can be shared on the forums. You could list all of the events, variables and functions from intersect which we can call to make more detailed scripts. These scripts can then be called in set parts of our games or added as a persistent script to run continuously. Could this be a possibility of something you could do @jcsnider ?
  9. Hickie


    Hi is there away to let an event know if you have attacked another player. i want to create an event which activates a player switch if you attack another player which will stay active for a set time frame preventing the attacker from entering a safezone. Thanks.
  10. @jcsnider I tried altering all of these (Max1Response to Max4Response) but they had no effect to the dialogue box heights. <EventDialogArea> <Bounds>112,14,402,80</Bounds> changed to <EventDialogArea> <Bounds>112,0,402,150</Bounds> would the inner panel need altering also? <InnerPanel> <Bounds>0,0,387,900</Bounds>
  11. I have drawn the images the same as above for my weapons and added them to the animation section which works perfect, but adding an image like this to the item picture will just put all 8 images on the floor. adding the animation in the animation section of the item only plays the animation when you equip the item not all the time
  12. Is there a way to have the item picture set as an animation? so when the item is on the floor or in your equipment slot it shows the animation. I have weapons with animated tips eg fire sword.
  13. Seconds. However if you are reading this and B5 is now out it is in ms
  14. Thankyou very much for the reply, I will continue with everything i can and look forward to the source. NPC drop more than one item - Excellent i see that now, Thankyou
  15. Hello, i have been using this engine for a few days and find it brilliant. Just wanted to check that i am correct in thinking these options are NOT currently available. Click to move. Auto Attack. (click once and keeps attacking so it is not key bashing for mele) Npc can drop more than 1 item upon death. (eg coins, weapon and trash) Common event editor (player death is not working)? Common event editor commands (we can give xp but we cannot remove xp) Turn on the spot (hold down a key eg ctrl and change direction on the same tile. Diagonal Movement. Many Thanks for your answers in advance. if they are not available at this time is it likely they will be released or will it have to wait until the source is released.
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