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  1. Garrotte designs by my designer Daniel.
  2. it's amazing, just like the trade book skills system, thanks for the system, it will help me a lot, it continues like this
  3. thanks very much I'm learning (New items) Armor variations _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ InGame _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ i love variations
  4. My design leather armor from 0%. What do you think? tell me your suggestions
  5. thank you very much bro, is completely ready to upload a video soon of how they are, but it took me about 5 hours to edit them to go achieving a single design I want, I made those variations more so that they were much more unique
  6. Colors variations the armor wolf. Variations Wolfs.
  7. My custom items and create originally. Do not hesitate to give suggestions among other things to improve a greeting.
  8. I use the sizes and the visualization of the rpg maker xp, but I am editing them little by little to give a better and unique background just to guide me and I have been learning more, I really appreciate your excellent comment too .
  9. Terra of Desolations. Post In constant update ____________________________________________ The idea of the game is to be a mmorpg adapted to the medieval real life of fantasy, with hard questions of how life would be in these circumstances, you have to survive in the forest, eat, drink, cut down among many other things. ____________________________________________ Hello everyone I am a new developer in this but I have a little base, I am from Venezuela, and I want to get constructive ideas on how to improve the designs which will be the future of my project, (sorry for my bad inglish) inglish).The publication will take care of the updates and of you in which you can improve and modify. _______________________________________ Male/Female _______________________________________ Systems All the trees are talables of different variations. Main Island(%10) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Design Weapons (Equipament) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (My First Armor Custom Wolf lvl 10) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Yes, that is obvious ._. but what I want is if it is possible to change the position of the R in some way. I do not want to edit the tree because what causes the R to position itself there is the shadow of the tree and I do not want to eliminate it.
  11. How do I edit it so that it has the position I want?.
  12. It is possible to edit the place of the R to place it in a place that I want since I have a problem with a resource and it is not how I want it. I want to modify the place there but I have to erase half of the drawing as you see so that it is there and if I put it full it is put there and it is not where I want it sorry for my bad inglish.
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