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  1. Change game title

    Im stupid please ignore.
  2. Change game title

    Well then its been some time. So how do I change the title at the top of the window in the new one?
  3. Hey as I cant PM yet could you send me a PM I have an idea what I would like to discuss with you.



    1. Kibbelz


      Discuss ideas on the forums not privately.

    2. jcsnider


      While quick, this was a good one to be had privately. He has a lot to consider before going public. (If I didn't shatter his hopes too bad)

    3. Veruse


      ITs fine im gona try and do the things what you said! xD

  4. Web Hosting

    pm me
  5. Web Hosting

    Drop me a PM @SolidLink
  6. Web Hosting

    We do have some VPS however are windows OS are no longer available. But I can set up a server for your game if you want prices are HERE but dont buy from there open a live chat.
  7. Web Hosting

    7 of these left!
  8. Web Hosting

    That we do my good man just PM me! @Gibier
  9. Web Hosting

    Sweet just PM me because I cant PM anyone and I will get you set up
  10. Web Hosting

    Sweet. If you have a domain I can add it to our system and give you the name servers or an IP I will need to find away to give you the details or you can give me an email or something I cant message on here.
  11. Web Hosting

    Okay so I have been using intersect for some time now and I am loving all of the community support. So i'm giving back. on a side of making a game I also run a hosting company called strikehosting we dont really care about making money from it so im giving 10 people a free web host with 20GB Storage SSD | Unlimited Bandwidth Just reply here or message me if you want it P.S we use CPanel, We also don't provide domains.
  12. The Bridge (free to everyone)

  13. Concept Character Concept

    Ohh if you make a 16bit one I would love to use it in my game! @XanderDee
  14. Ruler and Numbers

    Add a Rulers to the editor and or a number board so we can see where the heck this center is
  15. @PhenomenalDitto True but its the best we have for now.