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  1. hello! do you have discord, sir?

    1. Meddy


      Yes Meddy#7024

  2. Hello my mmorpg DragonBall Z create with intersect has opened its doors, for those interested ^^ here is the last gameplay video of the game. (French community, but everyone is invited of course ^^) Discord : https://discord.gg/yhhVUnNWKS West City night : Gameplay:
  3. Thank you ^^, for technical questions then: For question n ° 1: The Genkidama reacts according to the Ki Power stats, it hits the opponents in the impact zone ^^, for the cast position it's a small modification of the sources ^^ N ° 2: For the kamehaméha, it's small mods of source and the editor of projectiles ^^
  4. Hello everyone, here is the demonstration of the Genkidama (Beta version) ^^
  5. Good evening here is a video on reloading the Ki ^^
  6. Oh okay, but I don't understand which ones do you think are not good?
  7. Hello, thank you for showing interest in my project, I like criticism because it helps me improve. when you say the GFX i don't really understand (i'm french i use a translator ^^)
  8. Good evening ^^ here is the Kaioken transformation with Ki deduction automatically ^^
  9. Here is the end of Saiyen Radditz (There are still some details missing to improve) ^^ It lacks some small animations and IG settings etc ... which I would add as and when ^^
  10. Hello here is how the Saiyan chapter will begin with Radditz (I show you the beginning of when Radditz arrives) Of course it's nothing compared to other quests it's just a preview of how the scenario will unfold ^^ Embedded Video Link
  11. Hello, today I present to you the meat cooking system. The camper suggests that you cook your meats collected from mobs and cook them for a few Zénis! Once cooked you can eat them or prepare better recipes ^^ Video: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/cf7b641387242d57e47ac297a7b605d0.mp4
  12. Thank you very much ^^ I'm working on it a lot and the game is well advanced, it will be released very soon ^^
  13. Hello today I show you what my DragonBall Z game looks like which is under development ^^ here is a short video which shows some special attacks and some map details ^^ Watch the video
  14. Hello, I would like to know how to make so that each projectiles fired deduct me from the Mana? I saw that there is an ammunition system, but no way to deduct mana from each projectile fired. If you have to touch the sources it would be really nice to show me the way to take because I can not find. Thank you ^^
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