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  1. is there a way i can display the time in game?
  2. so i made a quest and it worked fine for me the first time, but when my friend tried it they npc doesnt even talk to them, i made a new character and the npc wont talk to that character either, any idea on how i fix this?
  3. never mind my software allows me to do that, thanks for the help
  4. ah, can you explain to me how i do that?
  5. the ones that display the health and mana, aswell as the chatbox
  6. iv looked everywhere it seems but i cant find out how to make the menu's transparent, i cant see anything behind them. any help would be appreciated.
  7. koinken

    On Hit

    Is there a way to make a spell give you life steal on hit? or can only equipment give lifesteal?
  8. so i wanted to make a paperdoll cosmetic but i wanted it to be behind the character not on the character, is this possible? if so how do i do it?
  9. Is there a way to make the window that shows your location, hp, mp, xp, and icon, transparent? I cant see a thing behind it and I feel it will be in the way. Also can this also be done for the chat window?
  10. So I cant find anyone saying anything about this but, is there a way to make a sound play when you level up?
  11. alright thanks
  12. so all I have to do is put the file I want there?
  13. So I cant find anything about these anywhere but I wanted to change the look of them, I found a cool new look but I don't know how to apply the new pics as the bar, is there anyone who can help me?
  14. Dang, I figured it was something anyone could do
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