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  1. does any one here know how i would make a day night system
  2. are there any new video tutorials out sorry for all questions
  3. is there a rescourse site for here with graphics and stuff im not sure what i am looking for
  4. looking for rpg sprites compatioble with intersect things i am looking for if possible 1. goblins orcs,darkelf,elf,stuff like that 2 rpg tile sets towns ect caves 3 any thing compatible with intersect Thank you in advancer
  5. here is this some one look at ttell me if it swrong
  6. if i send the file can some one plz sprite them for me so i can get them right
  7. i am using rpg maker vx how do i take a dragon sprite from them make it work in intersect
  8. am i doing this right just cant figure out how to add more if it is right
  9. says i cant save my project if i use that
  10. its not in a sprite sheet it comes in signle dragon images
  11. i was told to use the rpg maker vx format but i cant find a working tutorial on it i put my sprite in and this how it looks
  12. I have these dragon graphics bought looking for some one who can format them to work for intersect for doing so you get my dragons free this is just one of the dragons
  13. I made a quest that will involve cheer points so my question is how would i distribute the points for each thing done to cheeer her up
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